Krusteaz Survey Reveals What's Eating America's Low-Carb Dieters

Carb Counters Dissatisfied With Low-Carb Options; Name Baked Goods as Most

Craved Food Among Other Findings

May 21, 2004, 01:00 ET from Krusteaz

    SEATTLE, May 21 /PRNewswire/ When it comes to food options, America's
 low-carb dieters are seemingly fed up with the lack of quality choices.  A new
 survey*, titled "Low-carb Dilemmas: What's Eating America?," reveals
 43 percent of carb counters are unsatisfied with the taste of manufactured
 reduced carb products, while another 40 percent said they tasted good, but
 clearly not like the "real thing."
     Uncovering America's dieting woes, the survey, commissioned by national
 baking mix brand Krusteaz, clearly shows low-carb meals are not measuring up.
 In fact, despite the explosion of reduced carb products on the market, more
 than three in five low-carb dieters still feel limited by their dietary
 options and crave "off limits" food at least a few times a week.
     Topping the most wanted list of high carb foods was baked goods, with more
 than 50 percent of dieters claiming this as the food they miss the most,
 beating out popular staples such as pasta (22%) and fruit (9%).  Additional
 survey findings include:
     -- Bad Taste:  More than one in five respondents claimed they don't even
        bother trying manufactured low carb goods because they "know they will
        taste terrible."  Another seventeen percent said they tasted bland, but
        felt they had no alternatives, while five percent claimed the products
        were so terrible they couldn't eat them.
     -- Snack Attack:  Thirty-six percent of respondents reported snack time as
        the most difficult meal to maintain on their diet, followed closely by
        dinner (34%), with lunch and breakfast equally as difficult (12%).
     -- Youthful Beginnings:  Respondents 18-24 years old were significantly
        more likely (31%) to claim breakfast as the most difficult meal on a
        low-carb diet.
     -- Constant Cravings:  Thirty-six percent of men, as opposed to only
        23 percent of women, crave non low-carb foods every day.  A mere eight
        percent of respondents claimed they never miss off-limits food.
     -- Taste Buddies:  Nearly 10 percent of low-carb dieters claim to be in
        "mixed marriages" -- they count carbs while their spouse or significant
        other does not, which can make for difficult meal options.  One-third
        indicated their partner also followed a low-carb lifestyle.
     The survey coincides with the launch of Krusteaz CarbSimple line of
 low-carb baking mixes, which provide carb conscious meal solutions for dieters
 frustrated by their lack of choices, but who refuse to sacrifice flavor and
 quality.  The product line includes delicious muffin, brownie, pancake, bread
 and cornbread mixes, which are now widely available on grocery store shelves
 throughout the nation.  For more information on Krusteaz, visit
     About Krusteaz
     Krusteaz(R), a brand of Tukwila, Wash.-based Continental Mills, is a
 national leader in the retail baking mix industry.  Offering a wide range of
 products from breads and muffins, to pancakes and dessert mixes, Krusteaz is
 renowned for producing easy-to-use baking mixes that are superior in taste and
 quality.  The brand was founded in 1932 by a group of women from a Seattle,
 Wash. bridge club who endeavored to create the world's first easy-to-make pie
 crust, a concept that inspired the Krusteaz name.  Krusteaz baking mixes are
 widely available in grocery stores throughout the country.
     * Survey conducted by StrategyOne on behalf of Krusteaz.  The nationwide
       telephone survey included 521 American adults, 18 years of age or older
       who reported currently being on a low-carbohydrate diet.  The
       margin-of-error is +/-4.3 percent points at the 95 percent confidence

SOURCE Krusteaz