Kucinich to appear in Congressional Black Caucus/Fox debate

May 29, 2007, 01:00 ET from Kucinich for President 2008

    CLEVELAND, May 29 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Democratic Presidential
 candidate Dennis Kucinich said Sunday he would definitely participate in a
 September debate sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus and scheduled
 to be broadcast on the Fox Television Network. Kucinich said for Sens.
 Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, and Barack Obama to skip the debate simply
 because it was to be broadcast on Fox was a snub of the Congressional Black
     "This is particularly troublesome because the concerns of African
 Americans should take precedent over what network is broadcasting the
 debate," Kucinich said. "There are matters relating to employment, health
 care, education, jobs, rebuilding our cities, environment and civil rights
 that all presidential candidates have an obligation to address and debate.
 Those candidates planning to skip this debate clearly are trying to avoid a
 forum where there will be hard-hitting questions from people who may not
 agree with them. But taking questions from all sides is part of politics,
 and part of being President. I'm running to be President for all people in
 this country."
     "America needs a President with the ability and willingness to unite
 people of diverse political views," Kucinich said, "Let us never forget
 that the symbol of our country, the American eagle, needs two wings to fly
 - a left wing and a right wing. I'm prepared to reach out to all Americans.
 We all deserve to be heard, and we all deserve to be represented."
     "Certainly many Fox viewers are not part of the traditional Democratic
 base," Kucinich said, "but they have a right to hear from the Democratic
 candidates and we as candidates have an obligation to reach out to them.
 Families who view Fox News have lost loved ones in Iraq, lost their jobs to
 NAFTA, and lost their homes to medical bills, just as have the viewers of
 other networks."
     Kucinich said the refusal of the three senators to participate in the
 debate raises questions about whether or not they really have the ability
 to be President.
     "First Sens. Clinton and Edwards were tricked by George Bush into
 voting for the war. Then they and Sen. Obama voted most of the time to
 support funding the war. All three have said all options are on the table
 with Iran, meaning they are ready to go to war against Iran. This raises
 questions about their judgment, about who they are, who they represent?
 African-Americans - and Fox viewers - have a right to know."
     "I know some people object to Fox News," Kucinich said, "and they take
 issue with Fox coverage, and the way Fox covers the news. I've taken issue
 with Fox on many occasions, but I don't hesitate to be questioned by Fox or
 any of its affiliates. I've also taken issue with the New York Times -
 which, after all, was largely responsible for selling the Bush war plans to
 the American people. But this will be a live debate. The issue here is not
 what questions Fox broadcasters will ask, but how the candidates for
 President will answer them. The issue is not what the commentators will say
 after the debate is over, but what we as candidates say during the debate."
     "The questions asked by the Congressional Black Caucus will be just as
 important, and our answers just as telling, on Fox as on any other
 network," Kucinich said.
     The Ohio congressman, who is an avid baseball fan, also noted that "Fox
 broadcasts the World Series, too, but is it any less of a World Series
 because it's on Fox? Ask the fans in St. Louis, or Anaheim, or Boston."
     "Lets face it, the race for the presidency is the World Series of
 politics, and here you have three candidates for President who are
 admitting that not only can they not hit right-handed pitching, they're
 even afraid to step up to the plate and take a swing. Well, I'm one
 candidate for President who can hit any pitch anyone throws at me. And I'll
 be taking the field in Detroit this September with the Congressional Black
     "When the Cleveland Indians get into the World Series, and Fox
 broadcasts the games, I assure you I'll be there," Kucinich said, "and when
 Fox broadcasts a debate sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus, I'll
 be there, too."
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