K.W. Brown Investments Retains TransMedia To Carry Message Of Prudent Investing In Challenging Economy

Oct 08, 2001, 01:00 ET from TransMedia Group

    BOCA RATON, Fla., Oct. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- K.W. Brown Investments and its
 affiliated companies, 21st Century Advisors, Inc. and 21st Century Research
 Institute, Inc., have retained The TransMedia Group to carry a hopeful message
 to investors that those who put together diversified portfolios of value
 securities now will be highly rewarded when the economy ultimately recovers.
     "We're honored to represent Ken Brown, whom we regard as one of America's
 sharpest, most insightful investment analysts and financial commentators,
 known for his remarkable stock market forecasts and as host of two of
 Florida's most informative and accurate investment radio talk shows," said
 TransMedia's chairman, Thomas J. Madden.
     According to Mark Hopkinson, President of the Boca Raton-based public
 relations firm, the PR goal is to add Ken Brown's thoughtful commentary to the
 national debate on where the U.S. stock market is heading in these extremely
 challenging times for investors. "Ken has already amazed his clients many
 times with remarkably accurate market forecasts and individual stock
 predictions, including a prescient prediction earlier last month that a
 cataclysmic event similar to the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 will shock the
 financial markets, setting the stage for an accelerated bottoming and eventual
 dramatic recovery," Hopkinson said.
     Ken Brown will be no newcomer to the national scene, however, added
 Madden. On six separate occasions, Ken has appeared on the PBS Nightly
 Business Report and he is widely known for his savvy market timing forecasts,
 including calling the October 1987 market crash that summer.  In early 1990,
 he correctly analyzed the probability of a recession based on comments and
 actions by the Federal Reserve Board, thus accurately predicting recession
 that ensued.
     In 1994, he forecasted that Treasury yields would hit 8% or higher and in
 1995, he shrewdly advised clients to concentrate on technology issues, prior
 to their soaring stock prices. On his popular radio shows, Ken has interviewed
 such nationally-known figures as Malcom Forbes, Jr., Sir John Templeton, Frank
 Cappiello, Elaine Garzarelli and Florida Governor Jeb Bush.
     At his Delray Beach headquarters, Ken is flanked by highly respected
 investment advisors, including technical analyst Charles Belida, a colorful,
 sometimes cantankerous commentator on Ken's radio show, known for speaking his
 mind about Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan.
     Contact:  Mark Hopkinson 561-750-9800 x15
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SOURCE TransMedia Group