'la la' Returns Variety to Music and Gives Back to Musicians

The Most Extensive Music Catalog Available for Trading and Purchase Goes Live

Mar 07, 2006, 00:00 ET from 'la la' Media, Inc.

    PALO ALTO, Calif., March 7 /PRNewswire/ -- According to the Recording
 Industry Association of America (RIAA) nearly 30,000 album titles are released
 each year.  With nearly 3 million available titles, the largest reseller,
 Wal-Mart, stocks only about 5,000 titles per store or less than 1% of
 available music.  With choice quickly disappearing, 'la la' opens the largest,
 most diverse music store on earth with 1.8 million album titles available for
 trade at $1 each -- same price as a song download except the extra penny buys
 the rest of the album.
     'lala.com' works like an online music co-op where members trade-in CDs
 they have for CDs they want from other members.  CDs are sent through the mail
 in pre-paid envelopes provided by 'la la'.  "Trading CDs is an affordable way
 to experiment and try new music," said Bill Nguyen, 'la la' co-founder.
     If an album is not immediately available for trade, members will be able
 to buy the CD new or as a digital download at retail prices. Nguyen continued,
 "When you find that album you can't wait to enjoy, 'la la' will offer it as a
 new CD or a download."
     First Sale Doctrine and Supporting Musicians
     Trading CDs has always been legal under the first sale doctrine codified
 in the U.S. Copyright Act. The doctrine allows the owner of a lawfully made CD
 to dispose of the possession of that copy without permission or payment of
 additional royalties to the copyright holder. As a result, musicians are not
 compensated from the sale of used CDs.  Until now ...
     While there is no obligation to do so, 'la la' is setting aside 20% of
 trading revenues for musicians.
     How Search Brought Back the Record Store
     Need help finding music? 'la la' is introducing the first community-based
 search engine to help discover music the old fashioned way -- through
     As depicted in Nick Hornby's book "High Fidelity," the local independent
 music store was once the social hub where music fans gathered to hear, discuss
 and buy music.  The social aspect which once drove music discovery is
 disappearing.  Today, most songs are sold online one at a time or two aisles
 down from deodorant and laundry detergent.
     Like local independent record stores, 'la la' is a venue for an ongoing
 conversation about music. 'la la's' search and recommendation engine uniquely
 introduces members to new artists by drawing upon what other members with
 similar tastes enjoy.  The more members trade, buy new and share what they're
 listening to using iPods, iTunes or Winamp, the better 'la la' becomes at
 offering personalized recommendations. 'la la' has also developed advanced
 community tools to enable old friends to stay in touch, because the desire to
 influence a friend's taste in music never ends.
     It Started with a Song
     Conceived by Bill Nguyen and John Cogan while listening to Fountains of
 Wayne, 'la la' is their response to how terrible the music buying experience
 has become.
     Co-founders, Billy Alvarado and Anselm-Baird Smith joined with the
 conviction that music selection should be nearly infinite and conversation
 should drive discovery, not search robots.  To back their vision, Bain Capital
 and Ignition Partners generously funded 'la la' with $9 million.
     The name 'la la' comes from some of the first words said by Bill's son.
     About 'la la'
     'la la' is the first online music store where music fans can trade CDs
 they own for CDs they want for $1 a CD.  'la la' also offers new full length
 albums and will sell digital album downloads, no singles. With immense
 admiration and gratitude to musicians, 'la la' is the first to introduce
 payments to musicians based on the trade of used recordings. 'la la' is based
 in beautiful Palo Alto, California.
     Contact:  John Kuch of 'la la', +1-415-823-0480, or jkuch@lala.com.

SOURCE 'la la' Media, Inc.