Labor Group Launches Ad Campaign to Stop Job Losses to Foreign Workers

TV Ad Features Clip Of Law Firm Teaching Corporate Clients How To Avoid

Hiring Americans

Aug 29, 2007, 01:00 ET from Coalition for the Future American Worker

    WASHINGTON, Aug. 29 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Coalition for the
 Future American Worker has launched a national TV campaign and petition
 drive aimed at stopping big business from giving American jobs to foreign
 workers in this country. The group's TV ad shows an actual video recording
 of a major law firm's seminar designed to coach corporate clients on how to
 avoid hiring Americans. The ad draws attention to the common practice of
 replacing American workers with foreign workers here at home throughout all
 job levels and virtually all types of businesses. The campaign urges
 Americans to sign an online petition that provides a list of common sense,
 worker protection measures. The petitions will be presented to America's
 leaders. The campaign launched Monday and is airing in markets across the
     The campaign breaks as nearly 10 million Americans can't find a job, 27
 million American jobs are currently occupied by foreign workers -- many
 illegal -- interest rates are rising and the housing market is crashing.
     "At a time when millions of Americans can't find a job and many are
 losing their homes, our leaders are not standing up for the workers who are
 the backbone of this nation," commented CFAW spokesman Dan Stein. "This ad
 and the accompanying video clip show unequivocal proof that big business is
 hiring expensive lawyers to show them how to avoid hiring American workers
 here at home. It's a despicable practice that calls into question whether
 these so- called corporate citizens have any moral compass at all. It's
 time to stand up for hard working, tax paying Americans instead of foreign
 workers and freeloaders, many of whom are here illegally in the first
     The group's TV ad dramatizes the situation in a typical displaced
 worker's home. With an infant crying in the background, a husband sits down
 at the kitchen table to discuss his latest job interview with his wife. The
 wife reads her husband's face and asks, "You didn't get the job, did you?"
 The husband comments that the company he interviewed with only hired the
 foreign workers. Then the spot breaks away to actual footage of a
 Pittsburgh law firm teaching its corporate clients how to avoid hiring
 American workers without consequences. The attorney in the video confirms
 for his corporate audience, "the goal is not to find an interested or
 qualified US worker."
     The campaign began airing Monday morning of this week and by noon the
 same day more than 40,000 people had already responded by signing the
 petitions. The group will announce later this week when the petitions will
 be presented and to whom.
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