Landmark Moments Mark the 22nd Annual Philips US Open Snowboarding Championships

Rahm Klampert, Leanne Pelosi, Kelly Clark, Danny Kass, Priscilla Levac and

Jake Blauvelt All Clinch Championship Titles

Mar 21, 2004, 00:00 ET from Burton Snowboards

    STRATTON MOUNTAIN, Vt., March 21 /PRNewswire/ -- The 2004 Philips US Open
 wrapped up today with the slopestyle finals and Nick GAS Junior Jam events.
 Up-and-comers Priscilla Levac and Jake Blauvelt won the slopestyle contest,
 both claiming the first major contest titles of their careers. And Danny Kass
 won the Jeep Most Outstanding Athlete award and a pimped-out Jeep(R) Wrangler
 Unlimited for winning the men's halfpipe, placing fourth in the slopestyle
 event and making a strong showing in the rail jam contest.
     The weekend was filled with landmark moments. Women competed in the rail
 jam for the first time, throwing down and showing the huge crowds how far
 women's snowboarding has progressed. Kelly Clark won the halfpipe event and
 joined the elite group of two-time US Open halfpipe champions, increasing her
 recent winning streak to six major contest titles this season alone. Terje
 Haakonsen made a surprise appearance at the Open, treating the tens of
 thousands fans at the halfpipe contest to one poached run after another. And
 snowboarding history was made when Danny Kass threw down one of the best runs
 of his career, becoming one of only two riders in the event's 22-year history
 to win three US Open halfpipe titles.
     In today's slopestyle contest, the weather held for the women's finals,
 but took a major turn for the worse by the time the men's contest started. But
 the women got lucky, and Kelly Clark, Priscilla Levac and Hana Beaman took
 advantage of the break in the weather. Kelly and Priscilla both threw down
 super solid runs with Kelly nailing a cab 3, cab 180, backside 3 and backside
 7 indie on the jumps and showing smooth style on the rails. Priscilla also
 rode really strong and nailed a cab 5, backside 3, a straight air and
 frontside 5. The two runs were so close that the judges had to deliberate for
 several hours before making a final decision. In the end, they gave the first
 place spot, the $20,000 and a Philips Audio Jukebox to Priscilla. Kelly Clark
 took second and went home to her nearby hometown of West Dover, Vermont
 $30,000 richer. Hana Beaman, the 2003 Philips US Open slopestyle champion,
 claimed the third spot on the podium.
     Just as the women wrapped up, the bad weather rolled in. Full on blizzard
 conditions socked in the mountain and the course practically turned into a
 powder run by the time the men's competition wrapped up. But the riders still
 charged and definitely earned their prize money. Stowe, Vermont local Jake
 Blauvelt put together a solid run with a frontside 7, cab 7, switch backside
 5, backside 5 and a frontside railslide to 270 out on the bottom rail. Jake's
 run won him the contest, $20,000 and a Philips Audio Jukebox and he was super
 stoked. "I've never even won a Vans Triple Crown or a Grand Prix," said Jake.
 "I didn't even expect to land because there was so much snow, so I can't
 believe I won."  Travis Rice, who's used to plenty of powder after growing up
 in Jackson Hole, took second, rounding out his weekend's winnings to $11,000
 after placing second in the rail jam as well. And German rider Christophe
 Schmidt took third place.
     Before the slopestyle event, there was plenty of action in the superpipe
 as well with the future stars of the sport getting down to business in the
 Nick GAS Junior Jam. Ellery Hollingsworth and Ross Baker took the top spots
 and went home with a Philips Camera Key Ring. Highlights from the Junior Jam
 will air on Nick GAS.
     Not only was the level of riding off the hook at this year's event, the
 musical acts also put on a killer show. Wu-Tang Clan's Ghostface Killah and
 Cappadonna took to the Philips Key Ring Concert Stage on Friday night after
 the rail jam. And Bronx-born DJ Funkmaster Flex, known for his No. 1 radio
 show on New York's Hot 97, performed after the halfpipe finals and kept
 Saturday night partiers dancing late into the night.
     To relive all the action, check out Philips US Open coverage on NBC on
 April 11, 2004 from 1:30-3:00 pm EST.
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      1st - $6,000   Pelosi, Leanne
      2nd - $1,000  Comstock, Erin
      3rd - $1,000  Zurek, Natasza
      4th - $1,000  Levac, Priscilla
      5th - $1,000  Maas, Cheryl
      SoBe Sick Trick Award- $2,500 and Philips Camera Key Ring
      1st - $6,000   Klampert, Rahm
      2nd - $1,000   Rice, Travis
      3rd - $1,000   Rotax, Chris
      4th - $1,000    Caldwell, Wyatt
      5th - $1,000    Cronk, Cory
      SoBe Sick Trick Award- $2,500 and Philips Camera Key Ring
      1st - Clark, Kelly - $20,000 & Philips Audio Jukebox
      2nd - Byrnes, Tricia - $10,000 & Philips Camera Key Ring
      3rd - Kjeldaas, Stine - $5,000 & Philips Audio Key Ring MP3 Player
      4th - Teter, Hannah - $2,0005th - Bidez, Claire - $1,500
      1st - Kass, Danny - $20,000 & Philips Audio Jukebox
      2nd - Fisher, Steve - $10,000 & Philips Camera Key Ring
      3rd - Dillon, Keir - $5,000 & Philips Audio Key Ring MP3 Player
      4th - Aguirre, Mason - $2,0005th - Powers, Ross - $1,500
      1st - Levac, Priscilla - $20,000 & Philips Audio Jukebox
      2nd - Clark, Kelly - $10,000 & Philips Camera Key Ring
      3rd - Beaman, Hana - $5,000 & Philips Audio Key Ring MP3 Player
      4th - Macleod, Jamie - $2,0005th - Zurek, Natasza - $1,500
      1st - Blauvelt, Jake - $20,000 & Philips Audio Jukebox
      2nd - Rice, Travis - $10,000 & Philips Camera Key Ring
      3rd - Schmidt, Christophe - $5,000 & Philips Audio Key Ring MP3 Player
      4th - Kass, Danny - $2,0005th - Emond, Tyler - $1,500
      1st - Baker, Ross - Philips Camera Key Ring
      2nd - Tomlinson, JJ - Philips Camera Key Ring
      3rd - Ladley, Matthew - Philips Audio Key Ring MP3 Player
      1st - Hollingsworth, Ellery - Philips Camera Key Ring
      2nd - Beerman, Elizabeth - Philips Camera Key Ring
      3rd - Shaw, Brooke - Philips Audio Key Ring MP3 Player
      For more information on the Philips US Open, contact:
      Leigh Ault (802) 734-6177
      Caroline Andrew (212) 528-1691
     The Open Snowboarding Championships are the pinnacle snowboarding events
 of the season. Founded by Jake Burton, the Opens have grown from grassroots
 events to global spectacles attracting tens of thousands of spectators and
 riders from around the world. Since the beginning, the Opens have been driven
 by riders, for riders evolving with snowboarding and riders' needs over the
 years. The Opens welcome all riders to compete, giving locals, amateurs and
 pros an equal shot at a world-class title. With events spanning three
 continents, The Burton European Open, Nippon Open in Japan and the Philips US
 Open in Vermont set the standard for snowboarding events around the globe.
 Thanks to 2004 sponsors Philips Electronics, Burton Snowboards, Stratton
 Mountain, Jeep(R), SoBe Beverages, FHM and GORE-TEX(R) outerwear for helping
 make the Open snowboarding's most anticipated event.
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