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Fleeflo Yemen: Saudi Arabia used cluster bombs, rights groups says 3 May 2015 From the section Middle East The Saudi-le... http://t.co/I4iF5sMQEA

9 minutes ago

Mohammad Hijazi YESS!! >> Does Wasta Shape Social Media In The Middle East? by @emalinaker on @LinkedIn https://t.co/0Gne4oo17g

11 minutes ago

VOFN Yemen Middle East updates / Saudi Arabia using cluster bombs in Yemen, rights group says Saudi Arabia is using cluster... http://t.co/KzV9LYp691

23 minutes ago

Ramy Jabbar رامي Middle East updates / Iran pledges to protect shared security interests with Yemen - Middle East... http://t.co/6xLjFGFRlS

33 minutes ago

عليا ♡ Quelque part là-bas ☕___ #coffee #French #caffeine #smile #CoffeeClub @ The Coffee Club Middle East https://t.co/NoefLK1yDj

34 minutes ago

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