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John Vestal BREAD! MILK! BEER! RT @JulieWolfe Winter #weather advisory issued for N. Ga. See @ChrisHolcomb

2 hours ago

hex [157] good / if u think lactose intolerance and winter weather are going to stop me from eating ice cream U have another thing comin

20 hours ago

CARRIE BRADSHAW Ladies who have dry cuticles from the winter weather, Cocoa Butter Vaseline does WONDERS. Overnight!!! ______

21 hours ago

RJ @David747Heavy US cares more about #InflateGate. Western Europe about winter weather and elections in #Greece. People have #Ukraine Fatigue!

22 hours ago

Drinkfly @mplsgossipgirl best way to enjoy the tropical winter weather? Free wine delivery via! #mpls

1 day ago

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