Leatt Corporation Announces Motorsport South Africa Endorsement

Sep 08, 2005, 01:00 ET from Leatt Corporation

    CAPE TOWN, South Africa, Sept. 8 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Leatt
 Corporation (Pink Sheets:   LEAT), a Nevada Corporation headquartered in Cape
 Town, South Africa, that develops, sells and distributes the Leatt-Brace(TM),
 a Prophylactic Neck Brace System designed to prevent potentially devastating
 motor sport injuries to the cervical spine (neck), today announced that use of
 the Leatt-Brace(TM) has been endorsed by Motorsport South Africa (MSA).
     On Wednesday July 6, 2005, Motoring News was the first to report that the
 Leatt-Brace(TM) is being endorsed by Motorsport South Africa (MSA).  MSA has
 over 10,000 active racing members.  Production of the retail version of the
 Leatt-Brace(TM) will begin on or before November 30th, 2005.
     "This endorsement by MSA is a welcomed stamp of validation for the
 company, our research and the Leatt-Brace(TM) itself," said Dr. Chris Leatt.
 It is interesting to note that Dr. John Boden, President of MSA's Medical
 Panel, has recently been appointed to the FIM (Federation Internationale de
 Motocyclisme), the governing body for international motorcycle racing.
 Dr. Leatt added, "I have personally worked with many professional scientists
 and racers over the last three years and, as an off-road and road motorcycle
 racer myself, I have spent countless hours in the field and at race tracks
 treating injuries.  I have also spent a great deal of time exhaustively
 examining injury reports received by MSA, and other sources from all over the
 world, that involved helmeted motor sports individuals."
     "Using this data and mechanisms of injury, as quoted in medical
 literature, I have designed a neck protection system that is both relevant to
 competitors and based on medical research.  I believe that there is currently
 no similar neck protection system available that can offer the same level of
 protection as the Leatt-Brace(TM).  Thousands of dollars and many hours have
 been spent testing my designs in state-of-the-art laboratories, like those at
 the Eurotype Test Center located at the South African Bureau of Standards
 (SABS, http://www.dti.gov.za/thedti/sabs.htm), and in the real world on
 numerous drivers' shoulders, such as, Deon Joubert, three time SA Supercar
 Champion and Dewald van der Berg, South African motor cross champion."  Please
 visit the company's web site at: http://www.leatt-brace.com
     About The Leatt Corporation:  The Leatt Corporation is the exclusive
 global distributor of the Leatt-Brace(TM), a Prophylactic Neck Brace designed
 to prevent potentially devastating motor sport injuries to the cervical spine
     Manufacture and development of the core products currently take place at
 the Leatt Corporation's offices in Cape Town, South Africa, which are situated
 at the headquarters of the Leatt Brace Holdings (Pty) Ltd.  The Leatt
 Corporation is in the business of designing, developing and manufacturing
 cervical spine (neck) protection equipment for all forms of motor sports.
     The main area of focus is the prevention of neck injuries in persons
 wearing a crash helmet, for whatever purpose.  The impetus for the project
 came from Dr. Chris Leatt's medical knowledge, his history as a motorcycle
 racer and the many neck injuries he has witnessed.  The product not only has
 motor sport applications, but the Company believes that it can be used by
 anyone wearing a crash helmet as a form of protection.
     The inventor of the brace, Dr. Chris Leatt, is the President of The Leatt
 Corporation Inc., and is responsible for executing the company's global
 strategy.  The company is currently listed on the US Pink Sheets quotation
 service with the ticker symbol, "LEAT."
     For more information on the Leatt-Brace(TM), please visit the company
 website at http://www.leatt-brace.com.
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 statements" as defined in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995
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 channels for the Company's products, actions of our competitors, the limited
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 as defined under the rules of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended.
 As such, there are additional, substantial risks associated with the Company
 and its securities.  Such risks include limited liquidity of the Company's
 common stock.
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