Lifecasting Makes YouTube Seem Like Old Technology for Singer/Songwriter, Says Wild-Eyed Entertainment

Sep 07, 2007, 01:00 ET from Wild-Eyed Entertainment

    PHOENIX, Sept. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Jody Gnant (,
 the singer/songwriter of One Red Paperclip fame, has found a solution to a
 big problem in the independent music business. Gnant's One Red Paperclip
 trade gave her the studio time to record her new album, PIVOT, but she
 still needed to bring it to market and garner the attention of music
 industry moguls and fans alike.
     Gnant knew she could join the millions of artists with their own
 website and a video clip on, but felt she needed an edge, a big
 edge, to get noticed. With the help of a new video streaming website called ( she found that edge and has definitely
 arrived on the music scene.
     Gnant is now video streaming her life to the world 24 hours a day, 7
 days a week -- live and in real time.
     This "lifecasting" strategy has already resulted in a dramatic increase
 in the awareness of Gnant's music. Less than a week after starting her
 broadcast, she had the #3 video on MySpace with 186,000 views. Her music is
 also being showcased as part of ScreenVison's pre-show entertainment in
 4,000 movie theaters nationwide. In addition, Gnant's music is finding a
 worldwide audience with preorders for her new album, PIVOT, coming in from
 all over the world.
     "It's an exciting combination of interactive and non-interactive
 media," says Gnant. "People can choose to tune in and just watch the events
 of my life unfold, or they can log on and have an immediate effect on my
     "It's great to see a talented artist such as Jody use our technology to
 boost her career to a new level," said Tim Villanueva, the Chief Technology
 Officer at Ustream. "We at Ustream are proud of having played an integral
 part in Jody's success."
     When asked how long she'll continue lifecasting Gnant simply says,
 "This is not a dress rehearsal -- I'll continue as long as it's fun."
     Gnant is also broadcasting her CD Release performance live on the
 Internet, September 14th from The Brickhouse ( in
 downtown Phoenix.
     Tickets are available online at or at the
 venue the day of show and everyone is welcome to tune in to her live
 Ustream broadcast -- for free -- at
     Jody Gnant is an independent singer/songwriter headquartered in
 Phoenix, AZ.
     If you'd like more information about this topic, or to schedule an
 interview with Jody Gnant, please contact the artist directly at
 602-573-7788 or
     Or, for instant interaction with Jody and her fans, feel free to stop
 by her Ustream chat at
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