LifeShirt(R) System to Be Used in New Research Study to Assess How Moods Affect Athletic Performance

Feb 15, 2005, 00:00 ET from VivoMetrics

    VENTURA, Calif., Feb. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- The assessment of physiological
 mood shifts among athletes during a competitive virtual reality environment
 will be tracked and evaluated by researchers at Saint Anselm College in
 Manchester, New Hampshire, using the LifeShirt System from VivoMetrics(R). The
 LifeShirt, a non-invasive, light weight garment used to monitor respiratory
 and cardiopulmonary function, will enable researchers to help establish how
 mood affects athletic performance.
     A total of 23 participants, including 17 college varsity athletes wore the
 LifeShirt in a virtual reality scenario. The virtual environment included a
 headset which projected a visual representation of a running track while the
 athlete ran on an elliptical machine. When participants started running on a
 virtual track and reached a 60-70% maximum heart rate on the third lap, a
 virtual competitor appeared on the track stimulating a self reported
 frustration as the athlete was required not to increase work load, rather let
 the competitor stay ahead of them on the track. The LifeShirt was then used to
 record variations in heart rate and respiration, known as additional heart
 rate, to determine how competitors may affect the physiological responding of
 an athlete who self reports frustration during competition.
     "Previously clinical researchers used physiological monitoring equipment
 to monitor mood assessment and performance but the equipment limited
 participants to a sedentary position," said Dr. Finn PhD, a key researcher in
 the study and professor of Psychology at Saint Anselm College.  "With the
 LifeShirt, for the first time, we can monitor how positive or negative stimuli
 affect the athlete as he performs."
     The study began in the fall 2004 and will conclude in spring 2005.  Key
 findings and final results will be available in May 2005.
     For more information about the LifeShirt System, visit
     About the LifeShirt System
     The LifeShirt System is the first non-invasive, ambulatory monitoring
 system that continuously collects, records and analyzes a broad range of
 cardiopulmonary parameters. Users wear a lightweight, machine washable garment
 with embedded sensors that collect pulmonary, cardiac, posture and activity
 signals. Data collected by integrated peripheral devices measure blood
 pressure, blood oxygen saturation, EEG/EOG, periodic leg movement,
 temperature, end tidal CO2 and cough. An electronic diary captures subjective
 user input and all physiologic and subject data are correlated over time. The
 LifeShirt System has received FDA clearance and EMEA approval (CE Mark).
     About VivoMetrics
     VivoMetrics, founded in 1999, provides ambulatory monitoring products and
 services for the collection, analysis and reporting of subject-specific
 physiologic data. Pharmaceutical companies use VivoMetrics' technologies to
 improve the speed and economics of clinical research. The company's offerings
 also enable academic researchers to discover new clinical signatures of
 disease, and U.S. Government agencies to protect the lives of military and
 civilian first responders.
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