LightSharp's EDIT(TM) Technology Improves Quality of Images Taken by Digital Cameras

October's OpticsReport Explains Advances in Image Sensors

Oct 24, 2002, 01:00 ET from LightSharp

    TUCSON, Ariz., Oct. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- LightSharp's Euchromic(TM) Digital
 Imaging Technology  (EDIT) is one of the latest advances featured in a special
 issue of OpticsReport (free at  According to
 OpticsReport, a respected analyst firm covering the optics industry, EDIT is
 the only technique that can improve image quality by removing the stray light
 inherent in all cameras with digital-image sensors.
     October's OpticsReport explains how the use of technologies such as EDIT
 will meet consumers' #1 demand of digital cameras-better image quality.  EDIT
 improves the contrast, color accuracy, and resolution of digital-camera
 images.  The technology satisfies consumers, while offering manufacturers the
 means to improve and differentiate existing products without costly
 image-sensor upgrades.  According to Charlie Luebbering, LightSharp's managing
 partner, "Everybody wins."
     "We issued this special report because the potential for digital-camera
 advances is huge.  The consumer market for digital cameras is equally large --
 30 million homes and offices have them," said Kathleen Perkins, CEO of
 OpticsReport.  "Historically, sales soar as the Christmas season approaches.
 With more than 20 companies competing for market share, the manufacturer to
 best balance picture quality and price will dominate the sector," added
     OpticsReport polled industry experts and researched the entire digital-
 camera market, narrowing it to five leaders and 13 followers.  One of the
 experts was Dr. Peter Jansson, inventor of the Euchromic Digital Imaging
     According to Jansson, "The economics are driving the transition to
 digital.  As camera prices drop, more people switch and the market increases.
 Resulting revenues fuel further development and prices drop more.  It's a
 completely unstoppable chain reaction.  Digital-camera companies will
 increasingly struggle to find product-differentiating features such as EDIT
 that increase market share."
     About LightSharp:
     LightSharp, Tucson, Ariz., develops in-camera processes for removing stray
 light from pictures.  Medical devices, biometric sensors, and digital cameras
 stand to benefit.  LightSharp has signed an agreement with an undisclosed
 digital-camera manufacturer and has been invited to meet with manufacturers
 holding 60% of the world-market share.  LightSharp is currently seeking
 venture capital investment.  For information, call Charlie Luebbering at
 520-547-1942, or download the special issue of OpticsReport at .
     About OpticsReport:
     OpticsReport is published by Breault Research Organization.  Founded in
 1979, Breault has over a dozen optical engineers and close ties to the Arizona
 Optics Association and the University of Arizona's renowned Optical Sciences
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