Lineo and FSMLabs Collaborate on Real-Time Embedded Solutions; Agreement Integrates Patented Techniques With Open Source Code

Aug 06, 2001, 01:00 ET from Lineo, Inc.

    SALT LAKE CITY, Aug. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Lineo(R), Inc., a leading innovator
 in embedded systems software and real-time solutions, and FSMLabs(TM) Inc.,
 the creators of RTLinux(TM) today announced a license agreement for Lineo to
 provide OEM customers with high performance, real-time embedded solutions
 integrating FSM's patented techniques of adding real-time support with the
 Lineo Embedix(TM) embedded operating system platform.
     Under the agreement, FSMLabs grants Lineo and Lineo customers the right to
 freely distribute and market the dual kernel real-time technology with Lineo
     By itself, Linux is only capable of providing soft real-time performance
 with no fixed latency guarantee.  However, the technique patented by FSMLabs,
 and used by both FSM's RTLinux and the Lineo Embedix RealTime system software,
 provides OEMs with a high performance, hard real-time solution that fully
 preempts the reliable and robust Linux operating system whenever time critical
 operations are triggered.
     Hard real-time systems provide guaranteed response time to designated
 tasks, regardless of what other tasks or activities are processed by a
 computing system.  Solutions using the dual kernel hard real-time technology
 can routinely operate with guaranteed microsecond precision while providing
 the complete feature set of Linux.  Combining the real-time technique and
 Linux capabilities is necessary for many performance-sensitive devices, such
 as industrial controls, robotics, medical instrumentation, telecommunication
 devices, network appliances and military simulation systems.
     "The dual kernel approach has enormous advantages over older RTOS
 technologies," said FSMLab's CEO Victor Yodaiken.  "Our agreement with Lineo
 clears the way for both companies to innovate and broaden the market with
 superior technology and products."
     About Lineo, Inc.
     Lineo(R), Inc. provides embedded systems, real-time and high availability
 solutions that include software, hardware reference designs and professional
 services.  Lineo's solutions allow OEMs to create devices and systems that
 interact with the Internet while helping OEMs to reduce system requirements,
 per-unit costs and time-to-market.  The company's key product lines include:
 Embedix (embedded Linux system software), uClinux (embedded Linux for MMU-less
 processors), SecureEdge (Linux-based Internet appliances including VPN
 Internet routers, firewalls and network attached storage), RTXC (general
 purpose and DSP real-time operating system), BeaconSuite (x86 development
 toolkit), RTXC Quadros (a real-time operating system for multi-processor
 devices) and Availix (mission-critical high availability Linux cluster
 solutions).  Contact Lineo at, via e-mail to or by calling (801) 426-5001.
     About RTLinux
     RTLinux is a POSIX 1003.13/PS51 compatible real-time kernel that runs
 either Linux or NetBSD Unix during non-realtime operation.  RTLinux/PPC/SMP is
 the latest of FSMLabs' Spring 2001 series releases, which include the recent
 announcement of RTLinux for NetBSD and the release of the OpenRTLinux v3.0 CD.
 For further information, please contact and visit
     About FSMLabs Inc.
     FSMLabs was founded by the creators of RTLinux with the goal of extending
 speed and accuracy in the development of real-time and embedded systems.  By
 developing systems that reduce complexity and unpredictability, we advance
 real-time state-of-the-art.  By endorsing and promoting internationally
 recognized POSIX realtime standards, we help ensure ease of development and
 application portability.  With engineering staff and technology partners
 worldwide, FSMLabs pursues solutions characterized by simplicity, robustness
 and precise design.  For more information, visit  For
 information about licenses for FSM's real-time technology, please email or call FSM at 505-838-9109.
     RTLinux is a trademark of Finite State Machine Labs, Inc.  FSMLabs is a
 service mark of Finite State Machine Labs, Inc.
     Lineo is a registered trademark of Lineo, Inc.  Embedix is a trademark of
 Lineo, Inc.
     Linux is a registered trademark owned by Linus Torvalds.  All other
 products, services, companies and publications are trademarks or registered
 trademarks of their respective owners.
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