Linux 3D Stereo Support Now Available

Quad-Buffered Stereo Provides Unsurpassed 3D Display

For Professionals and Gamers

Nov 08, 2001, 00:00 ET from Xi Graphics Inc.

    DENVER, Nov. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Xi Graphics Inc., a manufacturer of premium
 graphics drivers for UNIX and Linux, has announced 3D stereo support for Linux
 in the company's new line of downloadable graphics drivers.  The 3D stereo
 support is available with most graphics cards supported in Xi Graphics'
 ( new Accelerated-X Summit v2.0 Series of drivers.
     Quad-buffered 3D stereo provides realistic 3D effects when used with
 shutter glasses and a supported graphics card.
     "This feature adds a whole new dimension for Linux gamers," said Jon
 Trulson, Xi Graphics' engineering manager.  "It also gives professionals in
 the medical, geophysical, military and intelligence fields a much-needed tool
 for viewing complex images on low-cost Intel/AMD hardware running Linux."
     According to Trulson, the 3D stereo feature has been requested from
 numerous users, from hard-core gamers to professionals needing quality OpenGL
 3D stereo with Linux.
     "I think they will be very impressed with our results," said Trulson.
 "The new features offered with Accelerated-X Summit v2.0 Series underscore
 Xi Graphics' commitment to provide its customers with the latest, most
 innovative technology."
     3D stereo requires about double the memory and processing power that
 non-stereo modes require.  Xi Graphics recommends using a card with at least
 32MB framebuffer memory and a monitor that can support at least 100Hz vertical
 refresh rate.
     Currently Xi Graphics' Summit v2.0 product line supports over 30 cards
 that can provide 3D stereo.  Graphics cards that do not have a built-in stereo
 connection can be viewed in 3D by using shutter glasses such as the Revelator
 model from Elsa.  Cards with the built-in connection can operate with shutter
 glasses such as the Crystal Eyes model from Stereo Graphics.
     The new line of Accelerated-X Summit Series v2.0 downloadable drivers are
 now available at Xi Graphics' Web site at .  The new product line
 is based on an OpenGL 1.2.1-compliant rendering pipeline that was completely
 redesigned to provide exceptional graphics performance in desktops, laptops
 and workstations.  The initial release includes 2D and 3D support for over
 30 cards and laptops and is available as a free upgrade to owners of
 3D Accelerated-X v1.0.  Customers can download a demo at Xi Graphics' Web site
 and then purchase a key online to make the product permanent.
     About Xi Graphics Inc.
     Xi Graphics Inc., developers of the Accelerated-X(TM) Display Server and
 Summit Series product lines, provides premier graphics system software for
 Linux and UNIX operating systems, including desktops, laptops, and multi-head
 configurations with 2D and 3D hardware acceleration.  Founded in 1994,
 Xi Graphics is a privately held corporation located in Denver, Colorado,
 providing retail products sold direct and through resellers and OEM's
 worldwide.  Products include free customer support via phone and e-mail.  For
 more information, contact Xi Graphics at 800-946-7433 or visit their Web site
 at .
     Xi Graphics is a member of the Video Electronics Standards Association,
 The Open Group's X Project Team and a member of the Board of Linux
     Linux is a trademark of Linus Torvalds.
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SOURCE Xi Graphics Inc.