Linux Networx and Novell to Help ISVs Certify Applications for Cluster Computing

HPC Certification Center Will Allow Software Vendors to Certify Applications

on Linux Networx Systems Running Novell's SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server

Nov 09, 2004, 00:00 ET from Linux Networx

    SALT LAKE CITY, Nov. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Linux Networx announced today a
 partnership with Novell Inc. to create a High Performance Computing (HPC)
 Certification Center located at Linux Networx to help Independent Software
 Vendors (ISV) certify their applications on Novell's SUSE LINUX Enterprise
 Server for use in clustered environments.
     By certifying their applications at the HPC Certification Center, ISVs can
 deliver a standardized and supported software stack, facilitating the
 streamlined adoption of Linux in the commercial HPC market.  At the HPC
 Certification Center, ISVs will be able to certify their software via Linux
 Networx Evolocity(TM) cluster systems on hardware and software from other key
 technology partners, to enable efficient cross-platform testing.
     "The HPC Certification Center is extremely valuable as it will allow
 Fluent to certify our computational fluid dynamics (CFD) applications on
 industry-leading cluster hardware from Linux Networx and Novell," said Paul
 Bemis, vice president of Fluent, Inc.  "As the manufacturing market continues
 adopting cluster technology at a rapid pace, it is critically important to
 have software validated specifically for this computing environment to ensure
 efficiency and productivity."
     Linux Networx and Novell will provide engineering support to ISVs
 interested in using the HPC Certification Center to help ensure a quick and
 efficient certification process.  Linux Networx also offers a variety of
 professional services to help ISVs and customers maximize their computing
 productivity, including benchmarking and testing facilities, cluster
 infrastructure design, application parallelization, plus site planning and
 environmental design.
     "By jointly establishing the new HPC Certification Center with Linux
 Networx, Novell provides ISVs with industry-leading cluster expertise and
 technology to help them go to market more successfully with their Linux
 offering," said Hal Bennett, vice president for business development at
 Novell.  "Linux Networx's commitment to delivering productive cluster systems,
 plus their technical depth and experience with Linux clustering, makes them
 the ideal candidate to provide a complete solution testing center for Novell
 clients and partners to easily certify applications for parallel computing
 environments in a standardized way."
     Linux Networx and Novell are currently working together to deploy SUSE
 LINUX Enterprise Server on a 2,048-processor system for the Department of
 Defense Army Research Laboratory.
     "Novell is quickly becoming the preferred Linux vendor of choice in the
 HPC community with its leadership in 64-bit support, ability to integrate with
 cluster file systems and availability of pre-certified legacy Novell services
 software," said Kim Clark, vice president of engineering for Linux Networx.
 "With Novell's growing position in and commitment to high performance
 computing and Linux Networx's innovative cluster technology, we will continue
 working together to deliver the most productive Linux cluster technology
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