Linux Networx Announces Linux Supercomputing Storage Solutions

Storage Is Integrated With Linux Networx Supersystems to Drive New Levels of

Total Application Throughput Coupled With Unrivaled Total Cost of Operations

Feb 28, 2006, 00:00 ET from Linux Networx

    SALT LAKE CITY, Feb. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Linux Networx, The Linux
 Supercomputing Company, today announced the availability of storage solutions
 optimized for a wide range of supercomputing needs.  Integrating the
 appropriate storage configuration within a supercomputing system has been
 proven to power performance acceleration and utilization increases by a factor
 of 20 or more.  Linux Networx storage solutions combine best-in-class
 hardware, management software and high performance file systems to best meet
 the unique requirements of each supercomputing environment.  Linux Networx
 storage solutions are tightly integrated with the company's LS series of Linux
 Supersystems -- a family designed to deliver new levels of Total Application
     Drawing upon its extensive experience in Linux Supercomputing and
 applications optimization, Linux Networx has defined a range of storage
 solutions that deliver best-in-class storage to meet diverse supercomputing
 needs -- from sophisticated, extreme performance supercomputing applications
 to departmental workhorse production systems.  Storage configurations are
 validated to deliver the optimum blend of price performance value, reliability
 and data availability demanded by each supercomputing class.  The appropriate
 storage solution is then integrated and specifically tuned as part of a
 complete Linux Supersystem delivery.  Leveraging Linux Networx GPFS, Linux
 Networx supercomputing solutions are easily integrated into existing
 performance computing environments.
     "Linux Networx is committed to driving new levels of price/performance
 value through the delivery of application-optimized supercomputing systems.
 Integrated, optimized storage contributes significantly to overall
 supercomputing performance and utilization, the building blocks of total
 throughput and value," said Robert (Bo) H. Ewald, CEO of Linux Networx.
 "We're applying our real-world supercomputing experience to extend our Linux
 Supersystems with optimized storage solutions to drive enhanced performance
 and throughput, coupled with system-class reliability, ease of integration
 into existing environments and total cost of operations."
     "A well-tuned I/O and storage subsystem is an essential element in
 delivering a high performance computing system," said Gene Poole, technical
 fellow, ANSYS.  "Poor I/O performance is second only to inadequate main memory
 size in limiting many computing systems from delivery true high performance in
 our simulation software.  A true high performance system must contain the
 appropriate, optimized disk capacity and throughput speed to feed today's
 Linux Supercomputing high speed processors.  Failure to supply adequate memory
 or disk performance can increase solution time from 50-100 percent or more.
 By tightly integrating storage and compute capabilities, Linux Networx LS
 Series is moving to address this prevalent issue in the supercomputing arena."
     As part of its commitment to delivering optimized supercomputing
 application performance, value and throughput, Linux Networx has tailored its
 storage offerings to meet the unique needs of three classes of supercomputing
 -- ultimate, premium and value.   Ultimate performance environments include
 those conducting noise, vibration and harshness analysis in the automotive
 industry, managing national laboratory programs, or conducting seismic
 processing and structural analysis.  For these users, compute intensive
 configurations must be complemented by an I/O and storage architecture that
 accesses and delivers data at extreme, sustained rates.  These environments
 run very large, highly scalable single analysis jobs over extended periods of
 time.  Reliable, timely execution of such critical supercomputing analysis is
 critical, demanding the ultimate levels of data availability and data
 integrity.  For these users Linux Networx Ultimate Performance storage
 delivers the highest performance streaming bandwidth storage subsystems with
 industry-leading parallel file systems.  The combination delivers
 best-of-breed performance and throughput coupled with superior on-line
 scalability and manageability.
     Premium supercomputing environments require storage that can support
 multi-application environments with industry-standard software for
 applications such as overflow analysis in the aerospace market, computational
 fluid dynamics (CFD), process integration and design optimization, and
 reservoir simulation.  For these users it is essential that the I/O and
 storage subsystem be easily configurable and reconfigurable to deliver the
 Total Application Throughput demanded by these blended application workloads.
 In addition, on-line capacity expansion is critical, as more users access the
 supercomputer to execute new applications.  To meet these requirements Linux
 Networx provides enterprise-class storage management functionality, coupled
 with storage subsystems delivering flexible bandwidth and I/O performance
 capabilities, tightly integrated with industry leading parallel file systems.
 The result is a robust storage solution that delivers premium-class total
 throughput coupled with minimal total cost of operations.
     Value supercomputing environments demand supercomputing power blended with
 simple management and deployment.  Linux Networx delivers storage solutions
 featuring affordable I/O horsepower and best-in-class performance.  NAS
 appliances simplify the storage/supersystem configuration and accelerate Time
 to Productivity.  Typical Value Performance applications include small CFD and
 crash analyses.
     Linux Networx storage solutions are available now as integrated and
 optimized subsystems within the company's LS series of Linux Supersystems as
 well as its Advanced Technology Clusters.  LS series Supersystems blend
 application-optimized performance with a standardized systems experience to
 deliver ultimate supercomputing value, thereby delivering significantly
 reduced total cost of operations (TCO).
     About Linux Networx
     For over a decade Linux Networx has delivered Linux Supercomputers
 specifically designed to drive new levels of Total Application Throughput for
 our customers.  The company's Linux Supercomputing offerings power unrivaled
 value in application-optimized price/performance and utilization, overall
 system reliability, uptime and Total Cost of Operations.  The company has
 delivered over 450 supercomputing clusters to more than 165 supercomputing
 customers around the world.  In 2005, the company achieved record orders,
 finishing the year with three consecutive quarters of record growth.  Our
 global customer base represents a "who's who" of supercomputing users ranging
 from Boeing in aerospace; BMW, Daimler Chrysler, Audi, Caterpillar and John
 Deere in heavy manufacturing; Total, Schlumberger and Shell Oil in the Oil and
 Gas industry; and Los Alamos National Laboratories, Sandia National
 Laboratories and the Department of Defense in the government arena.  In 2005
 the company was awarded three HPCWire Editor and Reader's Choice Awards -- for
 Most Innovative Technology in two categories and for Best Price/Performance.
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