Lionbridge Publishes ForeignDesk(R) to the Open-Source Community

First Computer Aided Translation Technology

to Support the Microsoft .NET Framework

Nov 05, 2001, 00:00 ET from Lionbridge Technologies, Inc.

    WALTHAM, Mass., Nov. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- In a move that will revolutionize
 traditional translation memory technology,
 Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq:   LIOX), a provider of solutions for
 worldwide deployment of technology and content, today announced that the
 ForeignDesk suite of translation memory tools is available as open-source
 software.  Lionbridge also announced that ForeignDesk will be the first
 publicly available Computer Aided Translation (CAT) technology to natively
 support the translation of software designed for the Microsoft .NET Framework.
     Lionbridge decided to open-source the ForeignDesk suite in order to
 rapidly create a free, publicly available desktop-based Translation Memory
 (TM) technology.  The source code and binary software for ForeignDesk will be
 provided under the BSD license.
     "It is our belief that TM technology has evolved to a point where it is
 ready to be featurized into larger systems, such as content management
 systems," said Jonathan Clark, Chief Technology Officer, Lionbridge.
 "ForeignDesk is a mature product with a number of unique, industry-first
 patented and patent pending components that will be of great benefit to end
 users as well as to developers who elect to integrate or modify the
     ForeignDesk embraces industry standards such as XML and TMX (Translation
 Memory Exchange), providing users true interoperability with off-the-shelf
 products.  By publishing complete source-code, ForeignDesk is also an ideal
 environment to field-test and integrate support for evolving standards such as
      Partners Show Support for ForeignDesk OpenSource
     "Lionbridge's decision to support the .NET Framework and make the
 ForeignDesk software available to users at no cost, demonstrates the company's
 vision for globalization technology," said Alain Gentilhomme, director of
 evangelism,  Developer Division  at Microsoft Corp.  "We have enjoyed working
 with Lionbridge and will continue to work together to extend the .NET
 Framework support within ForeignDesk."
     "Lionbridge's strategic decision to open-source ForeignDesk is important
 for the industry, as it provides a platform to support the translation of
 embedded systems, such as the Visor line of handheld computers and Treo
 communicators," said Mohamed Shoukry product localization Manager at
 Handspring, Inc.  "Lionbridge and Handspring have worked together to support
 the localization of PalmOS software designed for Handspring devices, using
 ForeignDesk.  We look forward to continuing this effort, in the open-source
     "ForeignDesk is the most versatile and powerful translation memory tool
 available for the processing of UI and HTML files. Supporting standard and
 non-standard file formats is a breeze," said Scott Cahoon Localization Project
 Manager, Ariba. "While other TM tools require you to meet their rigid format
 requirements, ForeignDesk is able to adjust to accommodate almost any format."
     "Opensourcing a powerful tool like ForeignDesk opens opportunities for
 clients who otherwise consider translation memory tools cost prohibitive,"
 said Carrie Livermore, senior localization manager, Hyperion.  "It will also
 allow them to get a handle on content management and ultimately save their
 company money."
     Open-Source ForeignDesk Benefits End-User and Developer Communities
     By releasing ForeignDesk free of charge, Lionbridge is providing end users
 with access to a fully functional TM product they can use to produce
 translations in a wide variety of file formats.
     This will also benefit the development community in the globalization
 sector, and in related industries such as content management who can integrate
 translation memory into their own applications.  Lionbridge engineers have the
 technical support expertise necessary to assist in these integration efforts.
     "We anticipate that open-source and the Microsoft .NET Framework will have
 tremendous impact on all industries, including our own," said Rory Cowan, CEO
 of Lionbridge.  "By making ForeignDesk available as open-source software, we
 are enabling the end-user technology to evolve, while we focus on developing
 the next generation globalization applications aimed at supporting core
 enterprise functions."
     The complete suite, source code and supporting documentation will be
 distributed through the Web, free of charge at
 hosted as part of the SourceForge project.
     About Lionbridge
     Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. provides solutions for worldwide deployment
 of technology and content to global 2000 companies in the technology, life
 sciences and financial services industries.   Lionbridge testing and
 compatibility services, globalization solutions, and multilingual content
 management technologies help clients reduce cost, speed time to market, and
 ensure the integrity of global brands.  Based in Waltham, Mass., Lionbridge
 maintains facilities in England, Ireland, The Netherlands, France, Germany,
 China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Brazil, and the United States. ForeignDesk
 is a trademark of Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. To learn more, visit
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