LIPSO at the center of interactive television: SMS votes of Loft Story and ADISQ Gala viewers to be facilitated by LIPSO

Oct 01, 2003, 01:00 ET from LIPSO SYSTEMES INC.

    MONTREAL, Oct. 1 /PRNewswire/ - The young Montreal company LIPSO has
 reached agreements with television broadcasters TQS and Radio-Canada to
 provide mobile text messaging (SMS) voting for the reality program "Loft
 Story", which premieres in October on TQS, as well as for the music industry's
 ADISQ Gala on October 26 on Radio-Canada. LIPSO is also helping Radio-Canada
 in sending out weekly SMS alerts for the program "Jack Carter".
     SMS interactivity is rapidly becoming entrenched in television viewing
 habits, thereby promoting the creation of new concepts in programming and in
 audience participation. Thanks to LIPSO, the mobile telephone is becoming a
 true remote control in viewers' hands so that they can interact in real time
 by voting or by replying to a question during the show.
     Under agreements reached with leading mobile telephone companies Bell
 Mobility, Microcell Solutions, Rogers AT&T Wireless, TELUS Mobility, as well
 as Aliant Mobility, MTS Mobility, Sasktel Mobility and Telebec Mobilite (plus
 Northern Tel Mobility for The ADISQ Gala), these companies' SMS subscribers
 can take advantage of LIPSO's technology in order to participate in an
 efficient, user-friendly and instantaneous manner.
     "Our technology and our applications are simple and flexible. We offer
 broadcasters and television producers end-to-end solutions. Our business model
 guarantees equitable revenue sharing among the broadcaster, the producer, the
 mobile telephone companies and LIPSO. In this way, we strive to stimulate
 audience participation by mobile telephone, the ultimate tool for
 instantaneous interactivity with television. Thanks to LIPSO, a half-million
 SMS have already been delivered over the past 12 months," stated Vivianne
 Gravel, President and CEO of LIPSO.
     Founded in 2000, LIPSO provides multi-network connectivity solutions and
 leading-edge mobile text messaging (SMS - Short Message Service) applications,
 which facilitate communications between businesses and mobile phone users. In
 the television industry, LIPSO has provided an end-to-end SMS voting solution
 for "Star Academie" on the TVA network. LIPSO is also involved in SMS projects
 with the most important Quebec broadcasters Radio-Canada, Tele-Quebec, TQS and
 TVA as well as Musique Plus. The i-LIPSO Connect(TM) platform includes a
 router as well as integrated interactive applications such as the i-LIPSO(TM)
 Real Time Voting Compiler, Campaign Manager, Quiz and Chat.