LogoMedia Corporation Launches New Translation Services

Feb 08, 2001, 00:00 ET from LogoMedia Corporation

    BELMONT, Mass., Feb. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- LogoMedia Corporation, a new
 venture of an established market leader in computer-assisted language
 translation, today announced two new Internet-enabled translation services for
 the global business community. In a presentation to investors at the Puerto
 Rico Venture Capital Conference, LogoMedia CEO Glenn A. Akers and COO Richard
 Strauss introduced the LogoMedia Automatic Translation Service and the
 LogoMedia Document Translation Service. Both services are provided via a
 "farm" of machine translation servers running LogoMedia's patented translation
 software engines.
     The LogoMedia Automatic Translation Service allows customer web sites
 which are maintained and accessed in English to be made available to worldwide
 users in their native languages. The LogoMedia Document Translation Service
 provides customers with "one-stop shopping" for their full range of
 translation requirements, from immediate machine translation of simple texts
 to publication-quality translation of documents. By combining sophisticated
 machine translation technology with a global network of professional
 translators, LogoMedia provides customers with easy access to affordable,
 timely, and accurate translations.
     LogoMedia uses patented translation technology which accurately decodes
 and interprets the intricate and dynamic linguistic structure of natural
 language phrases to yield speedy translations of the highest available
 quality. The key technology for LogoMedia is provided by Language Engineering
 Corporation, a research and development company established in 1985 by Glenn
 A. Akers. A Ph.D. graduate of Harvard University's Department of Linguistics,
 Dr. Akers has worked in pioneering areas of language technology, including
 speech recognition and synthesis as well as machine translation.
     LogoMedia's translation engines are an enhanced version of market-leading
 software products distributed in Japan under the LogoVista name. These
 products support translation between English and the major Asian and European
     Described by IDC as "the most sophisticated and demanding translation
 market in the world," Japan has been a proving ground for machine translation.
 LogoMedia's highly accurate E->J translation engine has made LogoVista the
 top-rated translation software product in the Japanese market, as rated by the
 Japanese publication Business Computer News in its January 29, 2001 issue.
 LogoVista is also the best-selling product, with a market share in excess of
 40% and more than one million copies sold, an installed base including
 virtually all major Japanese corporations, and extensive use in the Japanese
 government. The Japan International Center for Science and Technology (JICST),
 Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), Japan International
 Science and Technology Exchange Center (JISTEC), and the Japan Patent Office
 have selected LogoVista for use throughout their operations.

SOURCE LogoMedia Corporation