Longview Solutions Asks: Today's CFO: Steward or Strategist?

Top 10 Ways to Be Both

Oct 18, 2003, 01:00 ET from Longview Solutions

    TORONTO, PHILADELPHIA and MADRID, Spain, Oct. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Finance
 executives from nine international, industry leading companies joined a
 roundtable this past summer to discuss the changing role of today's Chief
 Financial Officer and the imperatives facing global organizations wanting to
 win the confidence of their key stakeholders.
     "The theoretical answer to the question, CFO:  Steward or Strategist?"
 said Dave Murray, CFO, Longview Solutions, "can be found from a 1st Century
 Rome example in Janus, god of gates and portals, the patron of beginnings and
 endings.  Take responsibility for the past, get your numbers in order, close
 your books.  But, like Janus, focus on beginnings and endings, balance your
 hindsight with foresight on business strategy."
     The practical conclusions the roundtable produced, in support of the
 theory CFOs should be both Stewards AND Strategists, is found in this Top 10
 CFO To-Do List:
      1.  Get your house in order, gain credibility and insight and the right
          to strategize for the future.
      2.  Tight financials are in vogue, take advantage.
      3.  Build your sphere of influence.
      4.  Improve the visibility of your numbers.
      5.  Think outside the silo.
      6.  Enhance your organization's financial IQ.
      7.  Adopt a "four-eyes" approach.
      8.  Use financial and non financial data to ignite the power of your
          finance organization.
      9.  Leverage the power of ONE.
      10. Leverage the power of NOW.
     The roundtable participants included executives from Charter
 Communications, featured analyst firm Gartner Inc., Lockheed Martin, Marks &
 Spencer, Royal Bank of Scotland, Tupperware Corporation, United Parcel Service
 (UPS) and Workplace Safety & Insurance Board.
     A free copy of the white paper:  CFOs Stewards or Strategists -- 10 Ways
 To Be Both is available at www.longview.com .
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