Lux Research Partners With PowerShares to Launch First Nanotech Exchange-Traded Fund

Oct 24, 2005, 01:00 ET from Lux Research

    CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Oct. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Lux Research, the world's
 leading research and advisory firm for nanotechnology, today announced a
 partnership with PowerShares to introduce the PowerShares Lux Nanotech
 Portfolio, the first nanotechnology Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF). The trading
 symbol for the PowerShares Lux Nanotech Portfolio will be AMEX:   PXN, and
 trading is anticipated to begin October 26, 2005 on the American Stock
 Exchange. The announcement was made today during opening remarks at the Lux
 Executive Summit (, nanotech's most elite gathering
 for CEOs, senior corporate executives, fund managers and VCs, scientific
 pioneers, and public policy makers.
     The PowerShares Lux Nanotech Portfolio is designed to track the Lux
 Nanotech Index(TM), which includes 26 public companies involved in developing,
 manufacturing, and funding nanotechnology applications. The Lux Nanotech
 Index(TM) is based on Lux Research's analytical frameworks and is rebalanced
 and reconstituted quarterly.
     "The Lux Nanotech Index(TM) is designed to serve as a benchmark for the
 value that markets ascribe to emerging nanotechnology," said Peter Hebert, CEO
 of Lux Research. "We're proud to have a partner like PowerShares to bring the
 rigorous methodologies underlying the Lux Nanotech Index(TM) to investors
 seeking exposure to nanotechnology's secular growth opportunity."
     "The Lux Nanotech Portfolio is the world's first nanotech ETF, and it
 represents the first opportunity for many investors to obtain diversified
 exposure to this exciting segment of the market," said Bruce Bond, President
 of PowerShares Capital Management. "We are delighted to have Lux Research, the
 leading independent provider of nanotechnology research, as a partner on such
 an important initiative."
     About Lux Research:
     Lux Research is the world's leading nanotechnology research and advisory
 firm. We help our clients make better decisions to profit from nanoscale
 science and technology, tapping into our analysts' unique expertise and
 unrivaled network. Our clients include top decision makers at large
 corporations, portfolio managers and analysts at leading financial
 institutions, CEOs of the most innovative start-ups, and visionary public
 policy makers. To get connected and for more information, visit
     About PowerShares Capital Management LLC:
     PowerShares Capital Management, LLC provides institutional caliber asset
 management and market exposure through the replication of enhanced indexes.
 PowerShares delivers this sophisticated asset management in one of the more
 benefit rich investment vehicles available today, the exchange traded fund.
 The firm is committed to theoretically sound portfolio construction and
 empirically verifiable investment management approaches. PowerShares' asset
 management philosophy and investment discipline are deeply rooted in the
 application of intuitive factor analysis and model implementation to enhance
 investment decisions.

SOURCE Lux Research