Madonna Tops the List as VH1 Counts Down Music's '100 Sexiest Artists' In Five-Hour, Five Night Special, Premiering September 23-27 at 10:00 P.M. (ET/PT)

Hosted By Marg Helgenberger, Lauren Graham, Kyra Sedgwick,

Kim Delaney And Denise Richards, New VH1 Special Features Interviews

With Pat Benatar, Sandra Bernhard, Mary J. Blige, Bebe Buell,

Bonnie Fuller, Deborah Harry, Jimmy Kimmel, Tommy Lee, LL Cool J,

Kylie Minogue, Darius Rucker, Johnny Rzeznik And Many Others

Sep 19, 2002, 01:00 ET from VH1

    NEW YORK, Sept. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- What is sexy?  How do you define it?
 What exact combination of sex appeal, confidence, beauty, class and attitude
 are needed to make it?  VH1 has voted Madonna as the sexiest artist of Rock
 and Roll.  Whether she's provocatively posing for her SEX book or successfully
 combining motherhood and her career, Madonna still has that "Je ne sais quoi"
 that leaves us mesmerized.
     Now, VH1 adds it all up and counts down music's "100 Sexiest Artists" in a
 new five-hour, five consecutive night special.  Premiering Monday, September
 23, each special airs at 10:00-11:00 p.m. (ET/PT).
     VH1's "100 Sexiest Artists" is hosted by Marg Helgenberger (CSI), (Hour
 1); Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls), (Hour 2); Kyra Sedgwick (Hour 3), Kim
 Delaney (CSI Miami, NYPD Blue), (Hour 4) and Denise Richards (Hour 5).
     From Elvis' pelvis to J.Lo's backside, pop stars have always been known
 for more than just their ability to carry a tune.  In the tradition of VH1's
 hit "100 Greatest" specials, the "100 Sexiest Artists" celebrates the
 musicians who get us hot under the collar, featuring unforgettable video
 clips, film footage, photos and performances, plus exclusive new interviews
 with Bill Bellamy, Pat Benatar, Sandra Bernhard, Jolene Blalock, Mary J.
 Blige, Bebe Buell, Frank DeCaro, David Evangelista, Corey Feldman, Bonnie
 Fuller, Deborah Harry, Susanna Hoffs, Jimmy Kimmel, Tommy Lee, LL Cool J,
 Kylie Minogue, Todd Oldham, Camille Paglia, Bijou Phillips, Darius Rucker,
 Johnny Rzeznik, Sarah Silverman and Usher, among many others.
     Produced in partnership with Us weekly magazine (which is on newsstands
 now and features Us's own take on sexy artists).
     Among the highlights:
     *  LL Cool J on Jennifer Lopez:  "Obviously, her derriere is, you know,
        affecting the world in a positive way."
     *  The Daily Show's Frank DeCaro on Robert Plant:  "Robert Plant is the
        best reason for not wearing underwear."
     *  Celebrity Stylist David Evangelista:  "They should just, you know,
        devote a channel to Madonna and her sexiness."
     *  The Man Show's Jimmy Kimmel on Olivia Newton-John:  "Olivia Newton-John
        is really great looking.  And I remember the 'Physical' video -- that
        was a big one for me as a youngster desperate for pornography."
     *  Comedienne Sandra Bernhard on Joan Jett:  "She can kick ass.  She's
     *  Us Weekly editor Bonnie Fuller on Usher: "Usher emanates sex . . .
        absolutely emanates sex appeal"
     *  Actress/Comedienne Sarah Silverman on Britney Spears:  "She does all
        the stripper moves and everything, but you get the sense that she
        really believes that she's just dancing."
     *  Actress Jolene Blalock (Enterprise) on Tina Turner:  "Can I have those
        legs please?   ... With those legs, those legs, stand her sex appeal."
     *  Goo Goo Dolls' Johnny Rzeznick on Mick Jagger:  "It's like as my
        grandmother would say, 'That guy's got no shame.'  And I think that
        makes him sexy."
     Viewers can go online to and check out a "100
 Sexiest" photo gallery, viewer poll, sweepstakes, related albums and artist
 pages for each of the 100 artists, 100 Sexiest Radio station, and message
     The complete list of VH1's "100 Sexiest Artists" is attached.
     "100 Sexiest Artists" is a VH1 production.  Robert Weiss and Bernie
 Kaminski are Executive Producers.
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     100)  David Lee Roth
      99)  Alicia Keys
      98)  David Cassidy
      97)  Kid Rock
      96)  The Corrs
      95)  Lita Ford
      94)  Rod Stewart
      93)  N'SYNC
      92)  Olivia Newton-John
      91)  Scott Weiland
      90)  Natalie Imbruglia
      89)  Chrissie Hynde
      88)  Dave Matthews
      87)  Salt N Pepa
      86)  Diana Ross
      85)  Paula Abdul
      84)  Fiona Apple
      83)  Scott Stapp
      82)  Andy Gibb
      81)  Samantha Fox
      80)  Donna Summer
      79)  Gavin Rossdale
      78)  Barry White
      77)  Tori Amos
      76)  Marc Anthony
      75)  Spice Girls
      74)  Dave Grohl
      73)  George Michael
      72)  Anthony Kiedis
      71)  Lil' Kim
      70)  Beck
      69)  Mary J. Blige
      68)  Chris Isaak
      67)  Courtney Love
      66)  Pat Benatar
      65)  Mark Wahlberg
      64)  Eddie Vedder
      63)  Annie Lennox
      62)  Christina Aguilera
      61)  Tom Jones
      60)  Shirley Manson
      59)  Bruce Springsteen
      58)  The Go-Go's
      57)  Pink
      56)  Vanessa Williams
      55)  Billy Idol
      54)  Joan Jett
      53)  Roger Daltrey
      52)  Stevie Nicks
      51)  Jimi Hendrix
      50)  Johnny Rzeznik
      49)  Kurt Cobain
      48)  En Vogue
      47)  Usher
      46)  Tommy Lee
      45)  Jewel
      44)  Enrique Iglesias
      43)  Susanna Hoffs
      42)  Ricky Martin
      41)  Sheryl Crow
      40)  Axl Rose
      39)  Mark McGrath
      38)  Toni Braxton
      37)  Robert Plant
      36)  Aaliyah
      35)  Michael Hutchence
      34)  Sade
      33)  Shakira
      32)  LL Cool J
      31)  Marvin Gaye
      30)  Faith Hill
      29)  Will Smith
      28)  TLC
      27)  Kylie Minogue
      26)  Cher
      25)  The Beatles
      24)  Whitney Houston
      23)  D'Angelo
      22)  Lauryn Hill
      21)  Steven Tyler
      20)  Duran Duran
      19)  Mariah Carey
      18)  Debbie Harry
      17)  Bono
      16)  Beyonce Knowles
      15)  Shania Twain
      14)  Lenny Kravitz
      13)  Jon Bon Jovi
      12)  David Bowie
      11)  Gwen Stefani
      10)  Janet Jackson
       9)  Sting
       8)  Britney Spears
       7)  Jim Morrison
       6)  Tina Turner
       5)  Prince
       4)  Mick Jagger
       3)  Jennifer Lopez
       2)  Elvis Presley
       1)  Madonna
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