Major Candidate to Be 'Swift Boated' by New Book to Be Released by Revelation Press

Jan 07, 2008, 00:00 ET from Revelation Press

    WASHINGTON, Jan. 7 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- At 1:30 p.m. on Monday,
 January 7, 2008, a major Presidential candidate is going to be "Swift
 Boated" -- with facts -- at the National Press Club.
     Eight years ago, George W. Bush's Presidential campaign was nearly
 torpedoed by the last-minute "October Surprise" release of factual truth
 about a decades-old DUI.
     Four years ago, Bush's campaign was almost derailed again, by the
 release of authentic-looking forged documents relating to his National
 Guard service. Had the documents proved true, Kerry might have become
     Four years ago, "Swift Boating" entered the Presidential campaign
 lexicon when Kerry's candidacy was torpedoed by accusations from men who'd
 served with him in Vietnam. Kerry was never able to recover, even when the
 veracity of these accusations became subject to question.
     In 2004, "Swift Boating" and "Rather-Gate" were actions based on "iffy"
 information. However, in 2008, this "Swift Boating" experience is based on
 rock-solid, well-sourced and absolutely accurate information.
     This "Swift Boating" will occur with the release of a new book to be
 announced next Monday, January 7th at 1:30 p.m. at the National Press Club
 in Washington.
     Built around irrefutable hard and cold facts -- these allegations come
 from a former TV business news editor, a twice-decorated military veteran
 who shares this candidate's party affiliation -- and who has known the
 candidate personally since their college days.
     This book literally gives "chapter and verse" about this candidate's
 less-than-candid candor with the American people.
     Unlike "Rather-Gate" and the original "Swift Boat" book, this former TV
 journalist's book is no fabrication -- it is supported by 10 pages of
 meticulously-researched end-notes citing original source material
 supporting every factual assertion about the candidate's failure to shoot
 straight with the American people, and this breach-of-faith's implications
 for the Presidency.
     Obviously, we can't tell you more at this point -- not without inviting
 in-advance (and ill-informed) criticism -- but if you're serious about
 covering the 2008 Presidential campaign, you won't want to miss this
 announcement -- and you will want to meet the author.
     Immediately after the press announcement, the author will be available
 in Washington for interviews for radio, TV/Cable, print and Internet
 audiences -- and later in the week he'll be in New York City, ready to
 answer questions and defend his allegations -- with facts.

SOURCE Revelation Press