Major OEM Launches First-Ever Line of PCs Dedicated Exclusively to Linux

Mirus Bets on Linspire Linux for New Line of 'Koobox' Desktop Computers

Jan 04, 2006, 00:00 ET from Linspire, Inc.

    SAN DIEGO, Jan. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Linspire, Inc. and Mirus Innovations
 today announced the launch of Koobox, the first-ever line of desktop computers
 offered by a major OEM to exclusively run Linux. Starting at just $299, the
 Koobox machines come outfitted with a complete Linspire Linux operating
 system, including a Microsoft Office file-compatible office suite, Internet
 browser, email, IM client, media players, and a photo manager -- the
 equivalent of hundreds of dollars worth of software.  Three versions of the
 Koobox are available, including a basic machine, multimedia machine with DVD
 player and a high-performance machine.  For details, visit
     "The Koobox line is unique in that all of the computers are optimized for
 utilizing Linux exclusively," said Kevin Carmony, CEO of Linspire, Inc.  "In
 fact, none of these machines even offer Microsoft Windows as an option, which
 is a new, bold step for a major OEM.  The fact that Mirus has devoted an
 entire brand to desktop Linux shows just how much ground Linux is gaining."
     Three versions of the Koobox are available, giving consumers the option to
 pick the PC that's right for them.  At $299, the Essential Koobox is just
 right for basic computing -- a perfect student machine or second home
 computer.  The machine comes complete with CDRW drive, 5 USB ports, including
 a convenient front-side port, Internet keyboard and optical mouse, and 2W
 speakers.  Inside, the machine rounds out with an AMD Sempron processor,
 256 MB RAM, 40 GB hard drive, and onboard video and sound networks.
     For $399, consumers may purchase the Multimedia Koobox, which features the
 Essential Koobox specs plus DVD player software, a 16x Dual Layer DVD+RW
 drive, 512 MB RAM, and 160 GB hard drive.  The Performance Koobox, priced at
 $499, adds a super-fast AMD 64-bit Athlon 3000+ Processor to the mix.  All
 machines come with the full Linspire operating system, including complete office suite, virus filtering and Web protection software.
     All Koobox computers include a 90-day warranty, but for only $29 consumers
 can purchase an optional premium warranty with toll-free support and
 replacement parts.  Other expanded warranty options are available as well,
 including on-site technical support. For warranty details, see
     Koobox computers are specifically manufactured and shipped directly by
 Mirus, fully certified by Linspire and tested by quality of standards that are
 ISO 9001 certified and 100 percent compliant with industry standards.  Backed
 by 15 years of service expertise with more than 4,000 certified engineers and
 technicians, as well as two call centers, Mirus provides a stable and reliable
 source for Koobox customers.
     "Consumers are demanding to have more choice in desktop Linux PCs," said
 Richard Shyu of Mirus.  "By dedicating an entire line to desktop Linux, we're
 able to give consumers the choices they want with the sophisticated, complete
 end-user experience the Linspire Linux operating system brings to the home and
 institution PC market."
     To purchase a Koobox, visit
     About Linspire, Inc.
     Linspire, Inc. ( was founded in 2001 to bring choice into
 the operating system market.  The company's flagship product, the Linspire
 operating system, is an affordable, easy-to-use Linux-based operating system
 for home, school, and business users.  Linspire pioneered CNR ("click and
 run") Technology, which allows Linspire users access to thousands of software
 programs, each of which can be downloaded and installed with just one mouse
 click.  The more than 2,400 software titles available in the CNR Warehouse
 ( include full office and productivity suites, games,
 multimedia players, photo management software, accounting tools, and more.
     About Mirus Innovations
     Mirus Innovations, a value-added manufacturer of computer products,
 strives to bring innovative digital lifestyle experiences to end users.  Its
 products for consumers and small businesses include high-value, low-cost
 personal and mobile computing solutions, as well as On-Site and Life-Time Tech
 Support options.  Its products are installed in hundreds of thousands of
 households and small businesses throughout North America.
     For more information, please contact:
     Heather MacKenzie
     Linspire, Inc.
     858-587-6700 x263
     858-587-8095 Fax
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