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Oct 22, 2001, 01:00 ET from MandrakeSoft

    PASADENA, Calif. and PARIS, Oct. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- MandrakeSoft
 (, the publisher of the powerful and user-friendly
 Mandrake Linux operating system, announces the immediate availability of boxed
 sets of Mandrake Linux Version 8.1 in retail outlets throughout the world and
 on There are four versions of the 8.1 product, each
 designed to suit user needs:  Mandrake Linux Standard Edition 8.1, Mandrake
 Linux PowerPack Edition 8.1, Mandrake Linux ProSuite Edition 8.1, and Mandrake
 Linux ProSuite Gold.
     According to Frederic Bastok, co-founder and CTO of MandrakeSoft, "Our
 user-friendly and powerful solution, which includes over 2500 applications,
 suits both the server and the desktop markets perfectly. Moreover, our range
 of offerings is expanded with major new features such as MandrakeOnline,
 MandrakeSoft's new service. With the top level support of MandrakeExpert,
 Mandrake Linux 8.1 users benefit from quick response technical support of
 MandrakeSoft's experts."
     Available packages:
     Mandrake Linux 8.1 is available at leading software retailers and on
     -- Mandrake Linux Standard Edition:  The key to Linux. Both beginners and
        experienced users appreciate the easy-to-use graphical installer which
        features automated hardware detection.
        It includes 3 CDs plus detailed Installation Guide and 30 days of
        MandrakeExpert web technical support        available for Linux with easy to use wizards and customized
        configuration tools. PowerPack 8.1 is ideally suited for setting up a
        full-featured workstation.
        It includes 7 CDs packed with thousands of the latest Linux
        applications, a comprehensive Installation & User Guide, a detailed
        Reference Manual, 30 days of phone support and 60 days of
        MandrakeExpert and MandrakeOnline.
        Suggested Retail Price:  $69
        Available in Stores:  Early November
     -- Mandrake Linux ProSuite Edition:  The Linux server solution. Designed
        for small and medium businesses, Mandrake Linux ProSuite Edition
        8.1 has been specifically customized to include all the necessary tools
        to build a Linux Server Solution. ProSuite Edition 8.1 scales easily
        for large enterprise deployments.
        It includes 9 CDs (with a special Mandrake Server CD) + 1 DVD packed
        with thousands of the latest Linux applications and server
        configuration wizards, Extended Server Support including 60 days phone
        support and 90 days of MandrakeExpert and MandrakeOnline. As an added
        benefit there are 2 update CDs during the product life.
        Suggested Retail Price:  $149
        Available in Stores:  Mid November
     -- Mandrake Linux ProSuite Gold Edition:  This special version of the
        ProSuite Edition includes:
         -- Mandrake Linux ProSuite Edition 8.1 for Intel's Itanium Processors
         -- Extended server support by phone, web, mail and fax and
            MandrakeOnline for one year.
            Suggested Price: $1190
            Available in mid November only in the USA, France and Germany
            through MandrakeStore.
     Mandrake Linux OEM Edition 8.1 and Master CD (to make their
 pre-installation easier) are also available for desktops & servers at leading
 hardware vendors. For more information:
     New features of Mandrake Linux 8.1
     Services included
     -- MandrakeOnline, MandrakeSoft's new service offers many possibilities:
         -- Alerts on security or package updates according to hardware and
            software configuration
         -- Email alias ""
         -- Special rebates for MandrakeExpert, MandrakeSoft's online top-level
            support platform
     -- MandrakeExpert enables Mandrake Linux users to benefit not only from
        community technical support but also from top-level support furnished
        by MandrakeSoft's experts (48 hour response time).
     Best graphical interfaces
     MandrakeSoft continues to build on its promise of offering a fully
 graphical Linux operating system for both the novice and professional user
 with the latest leading Open Source environments.
     Mandrake Linux 8.1 contains the latest versions of the best graphical
 interfaces, including:
     -- KDE 2.2.1, the user-friendly environment with the most integrated and
        easy-to-use features:
         -- Konqueror:  The versatile file and web browser now includes
            enhanced JavaScript support and better HTML rendering.
         -- Kmail:  The integrated and powerful KDE mail client now includes
            support for IMAP servers and many ergonomic enhancements.
         -- KOffice 1.1:  The complete and light-weight KDE office suite has
            undergone major changes since version 1.0 (complete rewrite of
            Kword, inclusion of a new chart application called KVivio,
            improvement of MS Office filters, ...).
     -- GNOME 1.4.1, the most powerful user environment with many enhancements
        such as:
         -- Nautilus 1.0.4:  The new GNOME file browser features major speed
            improvements and many ergonomic enhancements based on user
         -- Mozilla 0.9.4:  The integrated Web Browser and communication suite
            now has dramatic speed improvements and better usability.
         -- Kernel 2.4.8:  The latest Kernel with SuperMount support and the
            latest patches for wider hardware support.
         -- XFree86 4.1:  The most recent version ensures a complete Video
            Cards Support.
     MandrakeSoft's tools
     Mandrake Control Center, the one-stop location to setup and administer
 entire machines with:
     -- LogDrake:  An easy tool to monitor computer activity (through logs)
     -- Embedded root console available for maintenance purposes
     MandrakeFirstTime:  An easy-to-use wizard that helps setup desktop
 environment (KDE, GNOME, etc.), choose a theme and configure email settings.
     DrakNet:  A tool to easily configure easily networks or Internet
 connections, including DSL.
     Complete and powerful server solutions
     -- Enterprise Kernel 2.4.8:  This special edition of the Kernel comes with
        native support for HI Memory (>1024 MB) and SMP (Symetric Multi
     -- Full support for Journalized FileSystems:  XFS, Ext3, ReiserFS and JFS
        come in standard ensuring files integrity
     -- Special version of Samba: Combined with XFS and latest kernel, Samba
        2.2.1.a allows Windows(R) file sharing with the same fine-grained
        permissions as Windows(R) NT
     -- PHP Groupware:  A full-featured groupware suite accessible anywhere
        from a simple web browser with secure connection
     Easy-to-use installation and system management utilities
     -- Server configuration wizards for a faster and more convenient use (Web
        Mail, Firewall, File & Printer sharing, ...).
     -- Mandrake Server CD:  A complete server orientated distribution
        featuring the best Open Source server software combined with Mandrake
        Linux easy-to-use DrakX installer.
     -- Web Administration with Webmin:  allows easy configuration DNS, Samba,
        NFS, local/remote file systems and more from any computer with a secure
        browser connection.
     -- URPMI:  Automated software management systems URPMI provides a
        hassle-free way to install and upgrade applications.
     -- Auto-Install tool:  Servers and workstations are duplicated
        effortlessly with the new "auto install" feature.
     For further information: .
     MandrakeSoft provides a trusted interface between users of information
 technology and open source developers. The company offers customers in the
 small office, home office (SoHo), small and medium size enterprise, government
 and educational sectors a set of GNU Linux and Open-Source software and
 related services, and user-friendly and highly competitive information
 technologies at a very attractive total cost of ownership. In addition,
 MandrakeSoft offers technologists committed to open software and courseware a
 trusted channel to offer their services.
     The company has technologists in over 20 countries, and entered the Paris
 Euronext on July 30th, 2001 (Euroclear code:  4477.PA; Reuters code:
 MAKE.PA). Awards for the Mandrake Linux solution include:
     -- Linux Magazine "Editor's Choice" Award in September 2001 & 2000
     -- CNET editors' choice award in June 2001
     -- Chip Magazine "Best Technique and Winner of the Test" in December 2000.
     -- "Best Product of the Year" and "Best Linux Distribution/Server" at
        LinuxWorld Expo 99
     -- PC Answers Platinum Award in April 2000
     "Born on the Internet" in late 1998, MandrakeSoft established headquarters
 in the U.S.A., Montreal, England, Germany and France. Please visit the Web
 site for more information.
     NOTE:  Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. Mandrake and the
 Mandrake logo are trademarks of MandrakeSoft. All other trademarks and
 copyrights are owned by their respective companies.
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