MandrakeSoft Acquires Educational Technology Leader Coursemetric Corp.

MandrakeSoft Raises Bar on Open-Sourcing by Launching Innovative Open-Sourced

Services, MandrakeExpert and MandrakeCampus, in the Form of E-Marketplaces

Focused on E-Learning, Courseware and Other GNU(*) LINUX Support.

Jan 31, 2001, 00:00 ET from MandrakeSoft

    Linux WorldExpo NEW YORK and LinuxExpo PARIS, Jan. 31 /PRNewswire/ --
 MandrakeSoft, the leader in U.S. GNU Linux retail sales last year (Source
 PCData), announced the acquisition of Coursemetric Corp., an ASP-software and
 information services company specializing in the provision of Web-based
 evaluation tools for education and training organizations.  The company also
 launched a new Open-Source e-support and e-learning marketplace that will
 leverage the Mandrake community to bring expertise to customers and GNU Linux
 users worldwide.
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     1. MandrakeSoft acquires Coursemetric Inc.:
     MandrakeSoft announces the acquisition of Berkeley, California-based
 Coursemetric Corp. ( ).  An Open-Source version of
 Coursemetric's Web-based evaluation system will be an important extension of
 MandrakeSoft's comprehensive Open-Source learning strategy.  "Education will
 play a critical role in growing the Linux community and accelerating the
 adoption of Open-Source software applications.  Coursemetric has a brilliant
 solution and unparalleled expertise in emerging technologies for education.
 They are a necessary component of what we think will be a sea-change in
 e-learning and offline training," says Henri Poole, MandrakeSoft's CEO.
 Coursemetric's Web-based software provides a communication infrastructure
 which links learners, instructors and program-administrators and offers an
 objective basis for evaluating education.  The ability to assure the student
 of the quality of the educational experience will be an important part of
 MandrakeSoft's commitment to Open-Source education.  "This is an exciting
 opportunity!" explains David Harden, Coursemetric Founder and CEO.
     Coursemetric engineers will rebuild the company's system so that all of
 its component technologies (Web-server, application-server, database, etc)
 will be developed on Open-Source tools.  Coursemetric will be deployed as a
 key component of, MandrakeSoft's new e-learning platform,
 providing critical and constant feedback from learners, instructors and
 administrators to optimize the quality of MandrakeSoft's training products.
 Coursemetric will be integrated with and deployed in
 support of offline training as a quality assurance measure for MandrakeSoft
 Certified Training Centers.
     2. MandrakeSoft launches, an innovative e-learning
 platform and commits to open-source its courseware:
     In an industry-first, MandrakeSoft takes steps to open-source the
 curriculum of its market-leading Linux Training Programs and launches the
 first building block of a new online e-learning platform.
     Despite the obvious user benefits of Open-Source Software, the IT
 industry, and Linux publishers in particular, have failed to see the benefits
 of applying the core Open-Source ideology inside their learning departments,
 having kept their documentation and educational material proprietary in order
 to sell it at a premium.
     "Courseware and documentation is expensive to produce, translate and
 update in the fast-paced information technology era.  It therefore makes
 logical sense to open-source and develop it collaboratively,
 quasi-organically, so that whenever a new feature is embedded into an
 Open-Source software product for instance, contributors can simultaneously
 patch a corresponding module into the documentation and supporting
 courseware," explains Poole.
     To be effective, training for Linux and for Linux-based applications must
 adopt the same fluid realities of constant evolution as the Linux distribution
 itself, which is why MandrakeSoft will begin by releasing course content for
 Linux Desktop Administration, Linux Network Administration and Linux Server
 Applications in French, English and German.  "Our objective," explains Poole,
 "is to convince companies and organizations to make their courseware available
 for free, either via or, if they prefer, using their own
 e-learning platform, by simply downloading the MandrakeCampus solution from
 our Web site (, which will of course be made available under
 the General Public License (GPL) in the coming weeks." will initially provide Linux courseware and basic
 functionality to allow users and contributors to submit content-related
 remarks and suggestions.  By September, it will offer full e-learning platform
 functionality and will be made available commercially and for free download.
 In particular, MandrakeCampus will provide authoring tools, allowing
 contributors to load their own courseware, a fully functional delivery system,
 including synchronous and asynchronous learning, video and audio conferencing
 as well as student registering management functionalities.  A similar
 "tipping" system as the one being introduced for MandrakeExpert will also be
 integrated, allowing users/students to reward teachers for their service on a
 spontaneous basis.
     3. Launch of
     Alongside, MandrakeSoft launches, an
 e-support marketplace which aims to tap into the technical knowledge of the
 MandrakeSoft community in order to bring maximum value to users and customers,
 and to inject value back into the community. allows users to submit Linux-related questions to
 registered experts of their choice, based on the latter's expertise and on an
 innovative user rating mechanism.  The real novelty is that
 will shortly be equipped with e-commerce functionalities allowing registered
 Experts to indicate if they would like a "tip" for their service and the ideal
 amount that they are seeking, and users to reward them if they feel that they
 have derived value from their answers.  In a further illustration of
 MandrakeSoft's support for the Open-Source philosophy, registered Experts will
 have the option to donate their tips to Open-Source projects of their choice.
     "The whole system of is based on community involvement,
 extending involvement to our users.  While there is no contractual obligation
 to give back, it goes without saying that if some users systematically fail to
 'tip' Experts or give back, they will be less likely to receive help in
 future," explains Poole.
     "Our solution is in marked contrast with what's already out there," adds
 Poole, "since other e-support marketplaces require users to agree to upfront
 fees.  Our solution will also allow for questions to be submitted and answered
 for free.  The customers will be free to compensate the experts for their
 advice, though not required to do so.  The Open-Source movement has been
 nurtured by individuals who derive pleasure from helping others.  They aren't
 required to do so, they do it from their heart.  Our payment system is being
 designed to facilitate giving from our customers back to the community.  Now,
 for the first time, they will have a simple way to give back to the
 individuals who have supported their needs by donating directly to them or to
 their favored Open-Source projects."
     About MandrakeSoft:
     MandrakeSoft provides a trusted interface between users of information
 technology and open technologists.  The company offers customers in the small
 office, home office (SoHo), small and medium size enterprise, government and
 educational sectors a set of GNU Linux and Open-Source software and related
 services, user-friendly and highly competitive information technologies at a
 very attractive total cost of ownership.  In addition, MandrakeSoft offers
 technologists committed to open software and courseware a trusted channel to
 offer their services.
     The company has technologists in over 20 countries, and has received
 funding from major banks and venture capital institutions, including Azeo
 Ventures (Lazard Group), ABN AMRO, Viventures, AXA Placement Innovation and
 OFIVM.  The Linux-Mandrake distribution, which became the leader in US retail
 sales last year (PC Data), received the awards for "Best Product of the Year"
 and "Best Linux-Distribution/Serve" at LinuxWorld Expo 99, as well as the PC
 Answers Platinum Award in April 2000, the Linux Magazine Editor's Choice Award
 in September 2000 and the Chip Magazine "Best Technique and Winner of the
 Test" in December 2000.
     "Born on the Internet" in late 1998, MandrakeSoft established headquarters
 in Pasadena, Berkeley (U.S.), Montreal (Quebec), England and Paris (Europe).
 Please visit the Web site, for more information.
     (*) The GNU Project was launched in 1984 to develop a complete Unix-like
 operating system to be made available as free software (GNU is an acronym for
 "GNU's Not Unix") Variants of the GNU operating system, which use the kernel
 Linux, are now widely used; though these systems are often referred to as
 "Linux," they should more accurately be referred to as GNU/Linux systems.
     NOTE:  Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. Mandrake and
 Linux-Mandrake are trademarks of MandrakeSoft.  All other trademarks and
 copyrights are owned by their respective companies.

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