MandrakeSoft Hires Bastille Linux Security Guru Jay Beale As Security Group Director

Nov 13, 2000, 00:00 ET from MandrakeSoft S.A.

    ALTADENA, Calif., Nov. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- MandrakeSoft S.A., publisher of
 the Linux-Mandrake operating system today announced the appointment of
 Jay Beale as Security Group Director.
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     Prior to this appointment, Jay has helped guide the Bastille Linux Project
 as Lead Developer, where he was responsible for the design and development of
 the high profile Open Source project.  He has led the effort to secure or
 "tighten" Linux systems and currently consults on general Linux security, from
 firewalling and VPN design to host-level lockdown.
     Jay regularly writes articles on Linux/Unix Security and is currently
 writing an upcoming book called, "Securing Linux the Bastille Way."
     Jay will coordinate MandrakeSoft's security efforts, managing  the
 security team and working to raise the bar on distribution security.  He will
 help develop, design, and oversee additional Open Source projects, to be
 announced at a later day.
     Independent of his position at MandrakeSoft, Jay will continue to lead the
 Bastille Linux project and working on major architecture enhancements with
 MandrakeSoft's Yoann Vandoorselaere.  When completed, their work will allow
 Bastille to tighten security on many other distributions and Unix-based
 operating systems.
     "I'm very excited to be joining MandrakeSoft," says Jay Beale.  "We'll be
 able to tighten security on a Linux distribution from the inside, raising the
 bar on Linux distribution security.  I hope this will be a great win for Open
 Source software."
     "In today's environment where security has become very crucial, the
 appointment of Mr. Beale proves MandrakeSoft's strong commitment to security
 issues," said Jean-Loup Gailly, CTO of MandrakeSoft.  "His expertise will
 enhance our background and responsiveness to security concerns and will
 establish MandrakeSoft as a leader in the Linux security field."
     About MandrakeSoft
     MandrakeSoft publishes the Linux-Mandrake operating system, based on
 open-source development (which provides free access to source code published
 in accordance with a General Public License, or GPL).  Several hundred
 developers throughout the world contribute to the constant improvement of the
 product directly over the Internet.  This international developer community
 has given Linux-Mandrake a product that is available in over 40 languages.
     Linux-Mandrake is a very complete system with a choice of several
 powerful, pre-configured graphic interfaces (notably the leaders KDE and
 GNOME), as well as more than 2,300 applications including Netscape
 Communicator, the StarOffice suite, and the Apache Web server.
     In a testament to its success, MandrakeSoft received the awards for
 "Best Product of the Year" and "Best Linux-Distribution/Server" at LinuxWorld
 Expo 99, as well as the PC Answers Platinum Award in April 2000 and the Linux
 Magazine Editor's Choice Award in September 2000.  The company has signed a
 strategic partnership with the American publisher Macmillan USA and held the
 number one spot in Linux North American sales for Macmillan USA in July
 & August 2000 (Source:  PC Data).
     "Born on the Internet," MandrakeSoft established headquarters in Pasadena
 (U.S.) and Paris (Europe).  Please visit the web site,
 for more information.
     NOTE:  Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. Mandrake and
 Linux-Mandrake are trademarks of MandrakeSoft.  All other trademarks and
 copyrights are owned by their respective companies.

SOURCE MandrakeSoft S.A.