Market Research Staffing Excellence: Cultivating Critical Skill Sets

May 16, 2005, 01:00 ET from Best Practices, LLC

    CHAPEL HILL, N.C., May 16 /PRNewswire/ -- 70% of surveyed market research
 executives acknowledge that "soft" intrapersonal skills such as negotiation
 and "listening" are critical competencies for market research professionals -
 yet most organizations do not have training programs nor systems to monitor
 and develop these skills in their market research staff.  These organizations
 risk operating with an under skilled, and less effective market research staff
 than their competitors. Training and development gaps in market research
 programs are one of many critical insights that emerged in a new study - which
 sampled 85 market research organizations across 20 industries - by benchmark
 leader, Best Practices, LLC.
     Profiled in a free white paper online
 at , this breakthrough study probes
 best practices that market research organizations use to train and develop
 effective market research staff.
     Key findings include:
      * Market analysis, competitive assessment and launch tracking were
        identified as the top 3 of 22 skills and competencies important to high
      * More than 50% of market research professionals have a masters or PhD.
      * More than 95% of senior market research managers identified market
        trends and changes as the top two activities critical for market
        researchers to provide proactive business insights to business leaders.
      * Nearly 90% of market research heads identified anticipating future
        business needs and challenging brand thinking as other top activities
        most valued by their internal business customers.
      * More than 80% of market research leaders identified essential marketing
        management and brand management skills lacking in their research staff.
     Visit to download a complimentary
 white paper which provides more information on:
      * Integrating competitive intelligence skills into the overall market
        research function to forge deeper insights about the market and
      * Designing and utilizing enhanced data representation methodologies
        and tools that help communicate the meaning, impact and relevance of
        market insights to your internal customers.
      * Segmenting and packaging market research information to make it
        relevant to specific user groups.
     Cited in Pharma Market Research Report, this study is recognized as a
 valuable tool for market research leaders: "The integrated insights of the
 'best of the best' create an improvement roadmap for a single company's
 current performance levels. This most intensive and insightful analysis of MRD
 activity, prowess and best practices in the last decade focuses notable
 attention on the global healthcare sector..."
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