Marsha J. Evans Steps Down as American Red Cross President and CEO

Dec 13, 2005, 00:00 ET from American Red Cross

    WASHINGTON, Dec. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- The American Red Cross Board of
 Governors announced today that Marsha J. Evans has submitted her resignation
 as President and CEO, effective at the end of the month.  Jack McGuire,
 Executive Vice President of American Red Cross Biomedical Services, has been
 named interim President and CEO.
     The organization will maintain its current strategy, direction and
 programs and will continue to ensure the continuity and stability of ongoing
 Red Cross operations.  The Board will begin the search for a permanent
 successor as soon as possible.
     About Jack McGuire
     McGuire has served in his current role since March 2004 following a career
 of more than 22 years as a leader in the biomedical field, having served most
 recently as president of Whatman, PLC North America, a UK-based manufacturer
 of laboratory and industrial products.  As head of Biomedical Services, he has
 fostered an improved relationship with the Food and Drug Administration and
 refocused the $2.2 billion program on the core Red Cross mission of blood
 collection and testing, having divested the organization of its tissue and
 plasma lines of business.
     The following message is from Marty Evans to Red Cross volunteers and
     As some of you may know, I was fortunate enough to take some time off and
 spend Thanksgiving week with my husband.  This afforded me a rare opportunity
 for personal contemplation on my future plans, along with some reflection on
 what we have achieved together over the past three-plus years at the American
 Red Cross.
     I had been thinking about leaving the organization after my three-year
 anniversary on August 5, but in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, I knew I
 had to stay and lead our pivotal response to that epic tragedy.  Now, with our
 successful hurricane response continuing in steady hands, I believe the time
 is right to step down as your President and CEO at the end of this month.  I
 look forward to spending more time with my family.
     I look back with great pride on our accomplishments over the past years.
 I am still amazed at our ability to mobilize 220,000 volunteers for our
 historic and ongoing response to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.  In addition to
 our strengthened disaster response, I am very pleased by the effectiveness of
 our Service Area system in enhancing chapter capacity.
     I firmly believe that our enhanced efforts to help our neighbors prepare
 for emergencies continue to save lives every day. I am also gratified by our
 deepened relationship with our donors and supporters, and the remarkable
 turnaround we have achieved in the quality of our Biomedical operations and
 relationship with the FDA, our regulatory agency.
     I strongly believe the American Red Cross finds itself on solid footing
 today and is far better prepared to face the challenges of the future than
 when I joined you all in August 2002, and this is reflected in the renewed
 trust and confidence voiced in us by the American people.  In my ongoing
 discussions with the Board of Governors, we consistently agreed on the
 direction and goals for the organization.  I can assure you that the Board
 shares my admiration over what our employees and volunteers have accomplished,
 especially during the year that is now drawing to a close.  I hope you will
 give my successor Jack McGuire the same exceptional support you have given me.
     I cannot overstate what a privilege it has been to serve with each and
 every one of you, the employees and volunteers who sacrifice so much for our
 vital mission of service.  In all my years of experience I have never
 encountered a group of people who spring from so many diverse walks of life
 and yet are so unified in their dedication to a single cause.  Your
 achievements are truly without peer.
     As I leave you, I want you to know that I will always consider myself a
 Red Crosser.  I will forever remember and treasure my time as your leader, and
 I thank you for the support and kindnesses given me, and your tireless efforts
 to help those who need it most.
     The following is from Bonnie McElveen-Hunter, Chairman of the Board of
 Governors, to Red Cross volunteers and staff:
     It has been a privilege to work alongside Marty Evans for the past year
 and a half.  In that brief period we have experienced the four back-to-back
 hurricanes of 2004, the unprecedented international response to the December
 2004 tsunami, and of course the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.  In each of
 these events, Marty provided the leadership and the vision that helped ensure
 our success.
     In fact, we are indebted to Marty for the energy she has displayed in
 working to overcome the challenges facing the American Red Cross when she
 became President and CEO in 2002.  Since that time, she has led an effective
 transformation of the organization's headquarters, helped put Biomedical
 Services on the path to sustained success and introduced the highly effective
 Service Area system which enables our chapters to respond more effectively to
 disaster.  She leaves the Red Cross in a much stronger position than it was
 when she began her tenure.
     We fully understand the demands placed on her personal life by her
 leadership on behalf of the organization, and we join every American Red Cross
 employee and volunteer in wishing Marty and Jerry the very best.
     The Board is committed to maintaining the current course of the
 organization. We have appointed Jack McGuire, Executive Vice President of
 Biomedical Services, to serve as interim President and CEO.  Jack's career
 includes more than 22 years as a leader in the biomedical field, and he will
 continue to head Biomedical Services during this time.
     I want to underscore the importance of ensuring the continuity and
 stability of our organization.  We anticipate no major changes in strategic
 direction, and expect to continue all initiatives currently underway.  Our
 focus will continue to be on ensuring a healthy and safe blood supply,
 preparing for and responding to natural and man-made disasters, and providing
 lifesaving Red Cross services in our neighborhoods and, when called, around
 the globe.
     We believe the organization is embarked upon the right course.  As always,
 it is the volunteers upon whom we will continue to rely, and the Board and I
 echo Marty's appreciation for their dedication.  I know each of you will join
 me and the Board in thanking Marty for her many achievements, and in welcoming
 Jack as interim President and CEO.

SOURCE American Red Cross