MassMutual Annuities Offers Enhanced Guaranteed Minimum Accumulation Benefit Rider

Jun 01, 2005, 01:00 ET from Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company

     SPRINGFIELD, Mass., June 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Massachusetts Mutual Life
 Insurance Company (MassMutual) announced today the introduction of an enhanced
 Guaranteed Minimum Accumulation Benefit (GMAB) feature. The enhanced GMAB is
 available at contract issue with the company's MassMutual Transitions
 Select(SM) variable annuity and includes the ability for investors to lock in
 accumulated growth in their contract values.
      The optional and revocable GMAB rider provides three key benefits for
 MassMutual Transitions Select contract owners. "Investors have long been
 looking to protect principal and grow their portfolios," said John Carlson,
 vice president and chief marketing officer of MassMutual annuity products.
 "However, investors deserve and are looking for even more protection today.
 Our enhanced GMAB allows contract owners to protect portfolio growth while
 also protecting principal. And for investors with longer term investment
 horizons, our new 20-year GMAB guarantees to at least double their portfolio."
      If elected at contract issue, the 10-year GMAB allows investors to
 protect purchase payments made during the first two years of their contract.
 At the end of the tenth contract year, their contract value will be the
 greater of their contract value or the GMAB value.
     The ability to lock-in growth is also available in the 10-year GMAB with a
 Reset feature for new contract owners and existing Transitions Select contract
 owners who have already elected the 10-year GMAB. Beginning with their second
 contract anniversary, contract owners may re-select the 10-year GMAB, thus
 locking in any accumulated growth (proportionately adjusted for withdrawals
 and assuming the feature is not terminated) as of the reset date for another
 ten years.
     A 20-year GMAB (26-year in NY) is also available to new MassMutual
 Transitions Select contract owners that guarantees to double the value of
 purchase payments made during the first two contract years after 20 years (26
 in NY and adjusted proportionately for any withdrawals and assuming the
 feature is not terminated). Unlike the 10-year GMAB, there is no reset feature
 associated with the 20-year GMAB (26-year GMAB in NY).
     David Foster, second vice president of MassMutual annuity sales, said the
 10-year or the 20-year GMAB feature could add value to an investor's overall
 portfolio. "There is no second chance at saving for retirement and therefore
 little, if any, margin for error. Consequently, having the choice to purchase
 this benefit is a tremendous value for the overall protection it provides to
 investors in today's volatile market."
     The guarantees within the 10-year and 20-year GMAB are contingent on the
 claims paying ability of the issuing company, Massachusetts Mutual Life
 Insurance Company (MassMutual). As of May 1, 2005 MassMutual's financial
 strength ratings were among the highest in the industry.
     MassMutual's ratings were: Standard & Poor's Corp., AAA (Extremely
 Strong); A.M. Best, A++ (Superior); Moody's Investors Service Inc., Aa1
 (Excellent); and Fitch, AAA (Exceptionally Strong). Ratings do not apply to
 the separate account or the variable investment choices offered under the
 contract and are subject to change.
     The 10 and 20-year GMAB features are optional, available for a current
 charge of 0.35% annually (1.00% maximum) and may be terminated at any time.
 Either GMAB may be elected at issue, but not both. The GMAB features may not
 be available in all states.
     Investors electing either GMAB must invest in a Directed Allocation Model,
 which diversifies their portfolio based on risk tolerance and growth
 objectives. These models provide investors with the potential to grow the
 retirement portfolios within acceptable risk parameters, while the GMAB
 ensures against long-term downside risk.
     The 10-year GMAB value may be reset by the contract owner beginning on the
 second contract anniversary and on subsequent contract anniversary dates until
 the anniversary preceding the attained age of 90 (80 in New York).
     The 20-year GMAB is available to contract owners at issue ages up to
 attained age 80 (64 in New York). Age 64 is the maximum issue age in New York
 for clients who select the GMAB 26 Year Benefit Period, since the contract
 matures in New York at age 90, 26 years after age 64.
     About MassMutual Financial Group
     MassMutual Financial Group -- comprised of member companies with more than
 $350 billion of assets under management as of March 31, 2005 -- is a global,
 growth-oriented, diversified financial services organization providing life
 insurance, annuities, disability income insurance, long-term care insurance,
 retirement planning products, structured settlement annuities, trust services,
 money management, and other financial products and services. Assets under
 management include assets and certain external investment funds managed by
 MassMutual subsidiaries.
     The MassMutual Financial Group is a marketing designation (or fleet name)
 for Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company and its affiliates, which
 include: OppenheimerFunds, Inc.; Baring Asset Management; Babson Capital
 Management LLC; Cornerstone Real Estate Advisers, Inc.; MML Investors
 Services, Inc.; The MassMutual Trust Company, FSB; Antares Capital
 Corporation; MML Bay State Life Insurance Company; C.M. Life Insurance
 Company; and MassMutual International, Inc. MassMutual is on the Internet at
     MassMutual Transitions Select(SM) variable annuity is sold by prospectus.
 Before purchasing a variable annuity contract, investors should carefully
 consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of the
 variable annuity contract and its underlying investment choices. For this and
 other information, please obtain the prospectuses for MassMutual Transitions
 Select variable annuity and its underlying investment choices from your
 registered representative. Please read the prospectuses carefully before
 investing or sending money.
     MassMutual Transitions Select [Policy Form #: TMLS; TMLS (NC)] is a
 variable annuity contract issued by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance
 Company, 1295 State Street, Springfield, MA 01111-0001.
     Principal Underwriter: MML Distributors, LLC, 1414 Main Street,
 Springfield, MA 01144. Wholly owned subsidiary of Massachusetts Mutual Life
 Insurance Company.
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      (413) 744-7722

SOURCE Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company