MB Trading Partners With Canada's Premier Direct-Access Broker

Jun 10, 2003, 01:00 ET from MB Trading

    EL SEGUNDO, Calif., June 10 /PRNewswire/ -- MB Trading (MBT), one of the
 leading direct-access brokerages in the United States, is pleased to announce
 a partnership with TradeFreedom Securities, Inc., a Canadian-based broker
 dealer, to provide clients of each firm with greater, unfettered access to a
 broad range of trading opportunities in North America.
     "We've been looking for the right partner in Canada, one that values
 technology and the role it can play in providing a trading platform that meets
 the needs of today's active trader, and we found what we were looking for in
 TradeFreedom," said MB Trading's CEO and co-founder Ross Ditlove.  "In many
 respects TradeFreedom mirrors our approach of catering to individuals who are
 serious about their trading and investing needs."
     Dominique Ferst, co-founder of TradeFreedom, was equally encouraged about
 the partnership.
     "We're excited about this relationship," said Ferst.  "Both our retail and
 institutional clients will benefit from MB Trading's technology as well as its
 capabilities as a brokerage that understands the needs of active traders."
     TradeFreedom clients will have access to MB Trading's smart-routing
 technology, MBTX, as well as the CME montage, which will be available to
 TradeFreedom clients next quarter.  On the institutional side, clients can
 also use MB Trading's technology, via its SDK or FIX connection.
     Ditlove added that the decision to partner with TradeFreedom was in
 response to a "constant stream of requests from traders in Canada.  With this
 relationship, they'll get the support and service of a broker within their own
 country, coupled with the direct-access technology of MBT."
     The newly formed partnership includes cooperative marketing efforts to
 educate the customers of each firm about the trading opportunities that are
 available in both the United States and Canada.  The MBT navigator platform,
 which will be licensed as the TradeFreedom Navigator, will continue to support
 the ability to integrate into leading quote platforms.  However, it will now
 offer the added benefit of access to both the US and Canadian exchanges, as
 well as the ability to trade Futures."
     About TradeFreedom Securities, Inc.
     TradeFreedom Securities Inc. is one of Canada's pioneers in providing
 direct access technology to the active trader community.  It introduces its
 accounts to Penson Financial Services Canada Inc., which acts as the carrying
 broker.  A member of the Investment Dealers Association (IDA), TradeFreedom
 Securities' client accounts are held in Canada, cleared in Canada and are
 protected by the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF).
     TradeFreedom Securities, Inc. is a leader in Canada in providing direct
 access trading and services for U.S. and Canadian equities and options.  The
 company tailors its services to active traders and investors, broker/dealers
 and institutional money managers, who have become accustomed to the company's
 extraordinary levels of service, reliability and speed for order entry and
 trade executions.
     About MB Trading
     MB Trading offers direct access trading on the Nasdaq, NYSE and AMEX
 equity securities markets, in addition to options and futures trading (offered
 through MB Trading Futures).  MB Trading also offer smart order routing via
 MBTX, which intelligently scans market makers, ECNs, exchanges, and hidden
 pools of liquidity for the best available price for your order.  Extended
 trading hours are available on most venues.
     MBT Navigator v 8.8, the company's latest offering, is the only order
 entry system that integrates seamlessly into the industry's leading quote
 providers, including eSignal, DTN.iQ, QCharts, and Cron Technologies SW Pro.
 Clients can now simultaneously place orders, view account information, and
 watch quotes and charts on one screen.  Registered brokerage representatives
 are also available to assist clients by providing exemplary customer service.
 MB Trading is a registered broker-dealer and member NASD, SIPC, and MSRB.
 For more information about MB Trading, prospective clients should call
 (866) 628-3001 or visit www.mbtrading.com .
     About MB Trading Futures
     MB Trading Futures is a registered introducing broker with the NFA.  All
 futures transactions are offered through MB Trading Futures and cleared by
 Penson Financial Futures, Inc.  Futures trading (including single stock
 futures) is speculative in nature and not appropriate for everyone.  Investors
 should only use risk capital when trading futures and single stock futures
 because there is always the risk of substantial loss.  For further information
 on MB Trading Futures, prospective clients should call
 (866) 628-3003.
     Interested media should contact Holt Hackney at (512) 632-0854 or email
 HHackney@hackneycommunications.com .