McDonald's(R) Anticipates 8 Million Southern Style Chicken Biscuits and Sandwiches Will Be Given Away During Nationwide Sampling Event on May 15

McDonald's serves chicken from morning to night with the addition of two

new southern-style menu items

May 06, 2008, 01:00 ET from McDonald's USA, LLC

    CHICAGO, May 6 /PRNewswire/ -- McDonald's will offer customers and
 chicken lovers alike the opportunity to try its new Southern Style Chicken
 Biscuit and Sandwich during a nationwide sampling event at its 14,000 U.S.
 restaurants on Thursday, May 15.
     Customers can try the Southern Style Chicken Biscuit from 7:00 a.m. --
 10:30 a.m., or a Southern Style Chicken Sandwich beginning after breakfast
 hours until 7:00 p.m., with the purchase of any medium or large beverage at
 participating restaurants (while supplies last).(1)
     "By giving customers -- many of whom are unfamiliar with chicken for
 breakfast -- the opportunity to try the new menu items on May 15, we
 anticipate 2 million Southern Style Chicken Biscuits and 6 million Southern
 Style Chicken Sandwiches will be given away nationwide," said Neil Golden,
 senior vice president and chief marketing officer for McDonald's, USA.
 "With a unique blend of seasonings and ingredients that Southerners know
 and love, we're confident that the new Southern Style Chicken Biscuit will
 change the way our customers think about chicken for breakfast, and hope
 that our Southern Style Chicken Sandwich will delight even the most
 discerning chicken lovers."
     Continuing to respond to customers' taste preferences, the Southern
 Style Chicken Biscuit is McDonald's first-ever chicken-for-breakfast menu
 offering, with the Southern Style Chicken Sandwich providing customers with
 yet another great-tasting option for lunch and dinner. The two new Southern
 Style Chicken menu items feature a juicy, perfectly seasoned, all-white
 meat chicken breast patty on either a new biscuit for breakfast or a
 steamed bun topped with two pickles for lunch and dinner. McDonald's uses
 all-white meat from boneless, skinless white chicken breast filets that
 contain no fillers or artificial flavorings.
     With the addition of the two new Southern Style chicken items to its
 menu, McDonald's becomes the largest national restaurant chain to serve
 chicken at breakfast.
     "Chicken continues to be one of the fastest-growing sources of protein
 among consumers," said George Watts, president of the National Chicken
 Council. "The new Southern Style Chicken Biscuit and Sandwich underscore
 McDonald's unfailing commitment to meeting consumers' need for a variety of
 meal choices, while giving them opportunities to enjoy chicken whenever
 they want it, whether that's breakfast, lunch or dinner." Gives Consumers Say in Chicken vs. Egg Debate
     As part of the launch of its first chicken-for-breakfast offering,
 McDonald's is inviting consumers nationwide to take part in the great
 chicken vs. egg debate by logging on to (en espanol at The new, interactive, bilingual Web site is built
 around a game application where visitors can customize egg or chicken
 characters and choreograph moves for a dance off, pitting them against
 friends to decide the ultimate champion: the chicken or the egg. Web site
 visitors can forward animations to friends and family, and view
 "man-on-the-street" video interviews from people across the country
 weighing in on the question of "what came first?"
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(1) Hours may vary by restaurant. Limit one per customer/per drink order. Prices and participation may vary. Not valid with any other offer, discount coupon or Extra Value Meal(R). Price of required purchase posted on menu board. CONTACT INFORMATION: Danya Proud, McDonald's USA 630-623-5063 Cristina Alfaro, McDonald's USA 630-623-6432 Kate Brennan, GolinHarris 312-636-0325