Melanoma International Foundation Endorses Coolibar's Sun Protective Clothing

Protect your family this summer with Coolibar's sun protective clothing and

swimwear lines

May 06, 2008, 01:00 ET from Coolibar

    MINNEAPOLIS, May 6 /PRNewswire/ -- This spring, Coolibar, the nation's
 leading provider of quality sun protective clothing, receives the distinct
 honor of becoming the Melanoma International Foundation's (MIF) first
 officially endorsed sun protective apparel. MIF provides melanoma
 family/patient support through their helpline and moderated forum, as well
 as early detection/prevention awareness education for all ages. In
 recognition of Coolibar's mission to help families stay safe in the sun,
 MIF is recommending Coolibar's clothing and accessories to consumers across
 the nation.
     According to MIF's President and Founder, Catherine Poole, a melanoma
 survivor and author of Melanoma Prevention Detection and Treatment, "In
 addition to seeking shade and avoiding the prime hours of sun exposure, we
 recommend Coolibar sun protective clothing to our community, their families
 and those who seek advice on how to avoid getting melanoma but still want
 to enjoy being outdoors."
     MIF only endorses products that are proven to be sun protective by an
 independent laboratory and does not accept compensation for their
     "The Foundation's support of Coolibar's products further encourages us
 to continue innovating and providing the very best in sun protection," said
 John Barrow, founder and president of Coolibar. "We're honored to receive
 their first endorsement."
     Coolibar has received several other honors including becoming the first
 apparel line to receive the Skin Cancer Foundation's recommendation. Now
 the most recommended sun protective clothing brand, Coolibar has expanded
 its offerings this year to include more apparel for an active lifestyle,
 including new gardening, cycling and swimwear lines.
     Additionally, Coolibar supports MIF for its Safe from the Sun campaign
 taking place this summer, including a 5K race/walk at Villanova University
 on May 10 and an urban scavenger hunt at the Seattle Centre on June 1. Both
 events will offer the public free screening for melanoma/skin cancer and a
 health/wellness expo.
     About Coolibar
     Based in Minneapolis, Coolibar was founded in 2001 to bring Australia's
 world-leading approaches to sun protection to the American market. The
 company has extensively redesigned Australian sun protective clothing
 styles to meet the tastes and needs of fashion- and health-conscious
 Americans. For information about Coolibar, go to or
 call 1-800-926-6509.
     About Melanoma International Foundation:
     Based in Philadelphia, MIF was founded in 2003 by melanoma survivor
 Catherine Poole to provide what she could not find when she was diagnosed:
 the facts and reassurance. The foundation navigates melanoma patients and
 their loved ones through their toll-free helpline, (866-463-6663) email
 response system and professionally moderated forum. MIF endeavors to reduce
 the burden of melanoma in the lives of patients, families and the public
 through educating about the prevention, early detection and treatment of
 melanoma. For more information:

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