Memorial Day: A Time to Reach Out; A Time to Reconnect Helps Military Veterans Find People From Their Past

Apr 22, 2004, 01:00 ET from

    WESTBOROUGH, Mass., April 22 /PRNewswire/ -- For many veterans and their
 families who wonder where their military troop members and war buddies are
 today, ( provides a means to locate
 these people who once were an important part of their lives. It's free,
 convenient and easy to use.
     "Many family members of war heroes from previous generations have taken an
 interest in learning more about their relatives' past relations in the
 military, and trying to connect with people from long ago that they have
 little information about," says Elaine Haney, Switchboard's VP of Marketing &
 Operations. "These searches are easier than most people think, and they don't
 involve investigative agencies or even have a fee."
     Haney shared these captivating military reunion stories from Switchboard
     -- Grandson of World War Two Veteran Inspired by Photo to Start Search for
        War Buddies
        The grandson of a World War Two veteran who had passed away
        when he was only 2 months old, was inspired by photos his mother
        showed  him of his grandfather and some military buddies. His searches
        started on and he has corresponded so far with over 35
        men from his grandfather's troop.
     -- Son of Retired Navy Captain Reunites his Father with Flying Partner 20
        Years Later
        The son of a retired Navy Captain that was a fighter pilot in WWII and
        Korea, was able to locate his father's flying partner and best friend
        with whom he lost touch more than 20 years ago by using
     -- Friends from Navy Find Each Other After 40 Years
        By searching on, members of the U.S. Navy ship the USS
        Henrico have been able to reconnect and find many of the people who
        served with them from 1958 to 1961. Two years ago they had their first
        union and they are looking forward to planning their second reunion
        this fall. provides access to more than 108 million residential
 listings online to find any friend or family-member nationwide.  A popular
 section on the site called Switchboard Stories is devoted to sharing real-life
 examples of how people found's resources helpful to them.