Meow Mix to Open First-Ever Cafe for Cats in Manhattan

- New Cafe Will Feature Food for Felines and Humans Alike -

Aug 10, 2004, 01:00 ET from The Meow Mix Company

    SECAUCUS, N.J., Aug. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Cats all over New York City have
 the date August 17th scratched in their calendars.
     Just as children count the days until the release of a new Harry Potter
 book, and science fiction fans live for the opening of the next Star Wars
 movie, August 17th will be the most anticipated day of the year for felines.
 That's the day they'll be purring for the chance to be among the first
 "customers" to dine at the new Meow Mix Cafe and get their first taste of Meow
 Mix Wet Food Pouches.
     The 3,500 square-foot Meow Mix Cafe will be located in the heart of
 Midtown Manhattan, at 489 5th Avenue (between 41st and 42nd Street). Beyond a
 unique culinary experience for cats, the Meow Mix Cafe will offer
 fully-interactive games for both cats and owners, themed to a host of the
 featured entrees.
     The menu at the Meow Mix Cafe will showcase the highest-quality
 ingredients for patrons of both the two-and four-legged variety. Feline
 entrees will feature seven varieties of new Meow Mix Wet Food Pouches,
 including Cluck-a-Doodle-Doo, Deep Sea Delight, Fillet Meow, Gobbliscious,
 Hook, Line and Sinker, Upstream Dream and What's the Catch?.  For each Meow
 Mix flavor, owners will be able to enjoy a comparable dish. For instance,
 while cats dine on Fillet Meow (consisting of beef in gravy), their human
 counterparts will enjoy tenderloin of beef on a baguette with horseradish
     The mid-town cafe will feature toys and games for cats and owners alike,
 including scratching posts and catnip-filled toy mice for the kitties, plus
 special games based on new Meow Mix flavors, such as Hook, Line and Sinker,
 where owners -- with feline assistance --- will be able to fish for valuable
     "Cats are such a key part of so many people's lives, yet there are very
 few public places that are cat friendly," said Richard Thompson, CEO and Top
 Cat of The Meow Mix Company.  "With the Meow Mix Cafe, we've turned this
 situation on its head, with the creation of the world's first cafe that
 literally caters to felines and, incidentally, is owner friendly as well!"
     Similar to other themed establishments, the Meow Mix Cafe will include a
 gift shop, where cat-sumers will be able to take home all seven new flavors of
 Meow Mix Wet Pouches, as well as their traditional dry favorites, such as
 Original Choice, Seafood Middles and Hairball Control Formula. The gift shop
 also will stock a selection of toys and accessories for the feline community,
 including ceramic kitty bowls, plush pillows, puff balls, and stuffed animals.
     All proceeds from the grand opening will be donated to the American
 Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).  In addition, the
 ASPCA will be conducting cat adoptions at the cafe on August 18th and 19th.
     The flagship Meow Mix Cafe in New York City is an experimental concept
 slated for expansion around the country.  Based on the success of the New York
 cafe's initial one-week opening, Meow Mix may either open a chain of cafes or
 create a mobile cafe on wheels for touring to other cities.  Consumers with
 suggestions for future locations can contact The Meow Mix Company at
 1-877-MEOW-MIX or

SOURCE The Meow Mix Company