MetroFi Selected to Deliver Free Wireless Internet Access to City of Portland

First Citywide Municipal Wi-Fi Network in the State of Oregon

Apr 12, 2006, 01:00 ET from MetroFi

    PORTLAND, Ore., April 12 /PRNewswire/ -- MetroFi, the leader in
 designing, building and operating free citywide Wi-Fi networks, announced
 today it has been selected by the City of Portland, the 28th largest city
 in the United States, to deliver and operate a citywide Wi-Fi network that
 will provide free wireless Internet access and substantially improved
 public services to Portland residents. The announcement demonstrates
 Portland's cutting-edge vision for citywide smart parking meters, universal
 wireless connectivity and affordable Internet access for its residents. The
 MetroFi Portland system will be built at no cost to the city, and the City
 of Portland expects to save millions of dollars in productivity and
 wireless Internet service fees by using the network.
     "We are proud to partner with MetroFi in this effort to blanket the
 city of Portland with wireless Internet access," said Portland's mayor, Tom
 Potter. "MetroFi has demonstrated its commitment to bridging the digital
 divide by offering both free and low-cost alternatives for broadband access
 on an open provider network. Additionally, I look forward to realizing the
 benefits of wireless technology and have high hopes for Portland's ability
 to use it to streamline city services and enhance public safety
     The City of Portland, which spans 134 square miles and has a population
 of approximately 540,000, will be blanketed by a state-of-the-art Wi-Fi
 mesh network. Residents and visitors of Portland will have wireless access
 to 1Mbps Wireless Internet at no cost. Portland's public works field
 personnel and first responders will have greatly expanded access to
 wireless network services to facilitate more responsive data
     "As the industry leader in designing, building and operating Wi-Fi
 networks, we are excited to be selected by the City of Portland to deliver
 world-class, citywide wireless Internet access," said MetroFi CEO and
 co-founder Chuck Haas. "Portland's vision of utilizing the MetroFi network
 for affordable Internet to all residents is defining how cities partner
 with the private sector."
     MetroFi's free Internet access services will be supported by
 advertising from local and national advertisers. Customers who want an
 Internet access experience without ads can connect to the MetroFi network
 premium service for approximately $20.00 per month. Customers accessing the
 network will see a banner or text advertisement in the browser's frame.
 Portland-area businesses can leverage the local and regional nature of the
 network by providing links to their websites, coupons and announcements for
 users who are connected in close proximity to their establishment.
     City of Portland employees will also be better connected than ever
 before. City officials anticipate improved efficiencies and economies
 within city government operations as a result of the new Wi-Fi network.
 Public safety, public works, property inspectors and other field-based
 employees will now have the ability to wirelessly download and upload
 reports and data from the field. In addition, public safety will be greatly
 enhanced with the ability to wirelessly retrieve large amounts of data at
 broadband speeds.
     About MetroFi
     MetroFi is the leader in designing, building and operating Wi-Fi
 networks. The company partners with municipalities, ISPs and other
 companies to deliver secure, reliable high-speed wireless broadband
 services to entire communities. Recipient of the Wireless Ventures'
 Investors' Choice award, MetroFi is a private company with venture backing
 from Sevin Rosen Funds and August Capital. The company was founded in 2002
 and is headquartered in Mountain View, CA. For more information on MetroFi
 and its services, visit