Micro Firmware, Inc. Announces Updated ATA PRO UDMA Card; UDMA/Ultra ATA-100 Card Allows PC Upgrade to Larger, Faster Disk Drives

Nov 27, 2000, 00:00 ET from Micro Firmware, Inc.

    NORMAN, Okla., Nov. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Micro Firmware, Inc. today
 announced the availability of its ATA PRO UDMA card, a 32-bit PCI Personal
 Computer add-in card with two UDMA-100/Ultra ATA-100 IDE interfaces.
     The ATA PRO UDMA was specifically designed to facilitate the installation
 of currently available hard drive models, which support the faster UDMA
 transfer modes.  Most of the hard drive interfaces included in the installed
 base of PCs do not support the newer, high-speed UDMA interface, and therefore
 cannot take advantage of the higher speeds afforded by the new standard.  The
 ATA PRO UDMA card is also backward-compatible with UDMA-33 and UDMA-66
 devices, as well as earlier non-UDMA drives.
     In addition to the IDE interfaces, the ATA PRO UDMA card has an onboard
 Flash ROM that contains the firmware support necessary to fully integrate
 larger capacity hard drives as well as newer devices such as SuperDisk drives
 into PCs with an older BIOS.  Users can also take advantage of other advanced
 features, including the ability to select from the available devices to boot
     The ATA PRO UDMA's firmware is based on PhoenixBIOS from Phoenix
 Technologies, Ltd., and can be updated with newer revisions by downloading a
 file from the Web or running an installation program on a diskette.
     Drivers are included for Windows 95/98/2000/ME and NT 4.0. Driver support
 for Linux is also freely available.
     The ATA PRO UDMA is available now, and has a suggested list price of
 $69.95.  The card is made in the USA, and includes a three-year warranty.
 Additional information is available from the company by telephone at
 1-800-767-5465, on the World Wide Web at http://www.firmware.com/ataudma, or
 via email at sales@firmware.com.
     Micro Firmware, Inc. has been the authorized developer and distributor of
 Phoenix Technologies BIOS upgrade products since 1987.  The company sells its
 upgrades to computer resellers and directly to end-users, enabling those with
 older-generation PCs to upgrade their systems with the newest peripheral
 components. BIOS Upgrades provide support for larger hard drives, the new
 generation of high-capacity floppy drives, and other new peripherals and
 features.  Micro Firmware is located at 330 W. Gray St., Norman, OK 73069.

SOURCE Micro Firmware, Inc.