Microsoft and Turbolinux Extend Broad Collaboration Agreement

Agreement addresses customer issues, furthers interoperability and R&D

collaboration, and provides IP assurances to Turbolinux users.

Oct 22, 2007, 01:00 ET from Microsoft Corp.

    REDMOND, Wash., and TOKYO, Oct. 22 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Microsoft
 Corp. and Turbolinux, a leading Linux client and server distributor in
 Japan and China, have announced a business agreement that expands on their
 recent collaborations. The deal advances Linux-Microsoft Windows Server
 interoperability, furthers research and development collaboration, and
 provides IP assurances for Turbolinux users.
     A key customer component to the agreement is a collaborative "single
 sign-on" solution. According to a recent study released by SupportSoft
 Inc., a provider of technology problem resolution software provider,
 password problems -- including the need to reset them -- make up one out of
 every five calls received by corporate IT help desks. This collaboration
 features the development of a single sign-on solution enabling customers to
 use one set of credentials to log onto Windows-based and Turbolinux
 devices. This solution is intended to improve computing efficiencies and
 cut down on internal IT costs.
     "This agreement represents a business and technical collaboration that
 will benefit customers," said David Kaefer, general manager for
 intellectual property licensing at Microsoft. "Through this collaboration
 Microsoft and Turbolinux are reinforcing our combined commitment to
 providing real solutions for our customers such as the single sign-on
 solution. Turbolinux is now one of Microsoft's preferred Linux partners,
 and we are looking forward to continue building bridges between open source
 and commercial technologies."
     This agreement focuses on four key areas:
     * Interoperability
       -- This collaboration features the development of a single sign-on
          solution, enabling customers to use one set of credentials to log on
          to Windows-based and Turbolinux devices.
       -- The deal includes a Workgroup Server Protocol Program (WSPP)
          evaluation license, which Turbolinux signed to evaluate additional
          technical collaboration opportunities on which to focus in the
     * Business alignment
       -- The agreement will include an R&D interoperability lab to be housed
          in the same building as Microsoft's Beijing office. The companies
          will use the lab to focus on testing and showcasing solutions for
          customers and partners.
       -- Turbolinux will also participate in the Interoperability Vendor
          Alliance, a Microsoft-sponsored community of software and hardware
          vendors working together to enhance interoperability. More
          information about the group can be found at

     * Intellectual property assurance
       -- This agreement will provide intellectual property assurance for
          Turbolinux customers who purchase Turbolinux Server.
     * Desktop collaboration expansion
       -- Expanding on earlier agreements that involved Turbolinux
          collaboration with the Open XML document format and the use of
          Microsoft Windows Media Format, Turbolinux desktops will now feature
          Live Search.
     "Together, we can do much to reduce the cost and complexity of running
 mixed Windows and Linux IT environments, and we believe this agreement
 gives our company a significant edge in the marketplace," said Yano Koichi,
 CEO of Turbolinux. "Delivering value requires a vision for how to design
 mixed-source solutions that tackle clear customer priorities and a
 framework for sharing intellectual property. When strong Microsoft
 customers are evaluating Linux, we want them to see Turbolinux as the
 distribution that works best with their existing Microsoft investments."
     This agreement is the first between Microsoft and a leading Linux
 server and desktop platform distributor in Asia. This growing list of
 collaborators includes Novell Inc., XenSource Inc., Xandros Inc., Linspire
 Inc., LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. and Zend Technologies
     More information about Microsoft's licensing programs is available at
     About Turbolinux
     Turbolinux develops and sells the leading Linux distribution in
 Asia-Pacific. The operating system is optimized to run on a wide range of
 hardware platforms, including Intel-based servers and IBM mainframes.
 Turbolinux, with headquarters in Japan, plays a major role in developing
 Linux systems for the Japanese market, including Japanese and Chinese
 language "double-byte" text support. More than half of Turbolinux's staff
 is dedicated to Linux engineering development and support, providing expert
 support and custom application development services that go beyond Japanese
 localization issues. Turbolinux works extensively with standards bodies and
 partners to ensure certification and software compatibility in all business
 environments. For more information, visit
     About Microsoft
     Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq:   MSFT) is the worldwide leader in
 software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize
 their full potential.

SOURCE Microsoft Corp.