Microsoft Lodges New Complaint Against

Continues Courtroom Attack Against Desktop Linux Competitor in Netherlands

May 11, 2004, 01:00 ET from Lindows, Inc.

    SAN DIEGO, May 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Microsoft has filed a new complaint
 against Lindows, Inc. in Dutch courts, despite a product name change and
 corresponding website name change to Linspire.  Microsoft has asked the court
 to levy a 100,000 Euro per day fine against the operating system competitor.
 A hearing on this request will be held on May 11, 2004.
     On April 13, 2004, Lindows formally changed its product name and website
 from Lindows to Linspire in response to a Microsoft tactic of launching
 lawsuits in countries around the world over identical issues already heard in
 the United States concerning the windows trademark.  More than two years ago,
 Microsoft began asking U.S. courts to halt the use of the term "lindows" and
 have been repeatedly rejected.  The U.S. case is awaiting trial which
 Microsoft is now delaying with appeals.
     The outcomes from Microsoft's many lawsuits have been mixed. Most
 recently, a French court sided with Lindows, but earlier a Dutch Judge blocked
 sales of Lindows into the Netherlands.  After that ruling, Lindows halted all
 sales of its products under any name into that country.  Currently no products
 are being sold under the Lindows or Linspire name into the Netherlands, yet
 Microsoft is continuing to file complaints in this region.
     "Microsoft is continuing the bullying tactics which have obliterated
 competition over the last 20 years and led to convictions on multiple
 continents," said Michael Robertson, chief executive officer of Lindows, Inc.
 "Its recent actions demonstrate that it has not reformed, but continues to be
 one of the world's worst corporate citizens that will do anything to squash
 competitors that threaten its monopoly profits."
     "We halted the sale of all products under any name to the Netherlands some
 time ago.  At that time Microsoft argued that consumers were confused,
 although they have neverpresented even one consumer who admits to being
 confused.  Now Microsoft is taking the ridiculous position that the U.S.
 required copyright notice in tiny text on the bottom of some of the pages of
 the web site will confuse consumers," added Michael Robertson.
 "We hope the Judge and the world will view Microsoft's action as continuing
 anti-competitive behavior and compel the company to compete fairly."
     Linspire is an affordable, full-featured computer operating system that
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 laptop computers.  Linspire is currently being distributed to over 450 OEMs
 worldwide and continues to identify new channel partners and strategies to
 drive sales in emerging markets.  The term "Lindows" is not used on the
 website except as required for corporate and copyright identification
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