Microsoft Will Present Case Study on How to Recruit Top Talent Online at the Beyond Blogs and Social Networks Conference

Nov 14, 2005, 00:00 ET from Strategic Research Institute, L.P.

    NEW YORK, Nov. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Microsoft's Glenn Gutmacher to present a
 case study on how the world's largest software company recruits top talent
 using online networks and strategies at the Strategic Research Institute's
 Beyond Blogs & Social Networks conference, December 1-2 at the Hyatt Regency
 in Jersey City, NJ.
     The web is no longer a place for simply viewing content, it's an
 interactive space where we collaborate, annotate, blog, subscribe, feed, post
 and share. Individuals within companies are now driving content and
 influencing popular opinion through the use of social networks and online
 communities, an arena which was traditionally dominated by techies and media
     Along with Microsoft, IBM, Intelliseek, Marqui and PubSub are among the
 industry leaders and nationally recognized companies that will show you how
 your company can establish a more powerful online presence by:
     -- Increasing market share by reaching customers where they live...
     -- Creating cost savings by distributing information faster and more
     -- Insuring your corporate privacy and safety: how to be public but not
     -- Increasing revenues by equipping your sales team with tools to open
        more doors and close more
     SPECIAL LUNCHEON ADDRESS by Michael Wing, Vice President, Strategic
 Communications, IBM
     Conference Chairperson, David Teten, CEO of NitronAdvisors and Co-Author
 of The Virtual Handshake: Opening Doors and Closing Deals Online, will lead us
 through sessions by industry leaders such at Intelliseek's Chief Marketing and
 Customer Satisfaction Officer, Pete Blackshaw. Blackshaw's presentation of The
 Minute-By- Minute State of the Blogoshpere will reveal to us how this evolving
 medium is increasing blogger influence around the world.
     - Janet Johnson, Vice President, Communications, Marqui
     - Steve Rubel, Vice President, Client Services, Cooperkatz
     - Jonathan Carson, President & CEO, Buzzmetrics; Co-Founder, Word of Mouth
       Marketing Association (WOMMA)
     - Erin Byrne, Managing Director, Marsteller
     - Steve Cohen, Senior Librarian, PubSub Concepts
     All attendees will receive a copy of the NEW book, The Virtual Handshake:
 Opening Doors and Closing Deals Online by David Teten and Scott Allen -
     Phone: 800-599-4950 / 212-967-0095
     * Please mention priority code DPR001340 when registering.
     Ali Curi
     Strategic Research Institute
     Phone: 212-967-0095 ext. 222

SOURCE Strategic Research Institute, L.P.