Microtronix Announces Integration of Embedded Linux(R) With Altera(R) SOPC Builder

Mar 11, 2002, 00:00 ET from Microtronix

    LONDON, Ontario, March 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Microtronix
 (http://www.microtronix.com), a leading integrator of embedded hardware and
 software, announced today that they will support the creation of customized
 embedded Linux(R) kernels in the Altera(R) SOPC Builder automated system
 development tool.  Customers will be able to combine the Nios(TM) soft-core
 processor development flow with embedded Linux development, providing great
 flexibility and speed to the design process.
     "Up to this point, when building a custom Nios processor core, a developer
 would have to tailor their operating system kernel to the custom processor and
 peripheral support, which could be quite time consuming," said Mike Esch,
 Manager of Software Engineering at Microtronix.  "Now with the integration of
 Linux into the SOPC Builder development tool, a developer can choose to make
 the Linux kernel generation process part of the SOPC development procedure,
 and a completely customized Linux kernel is ready for download to the
 development board."
     The Linux kernel building software module will be available free of charge
 to all customers of Altera and Microtronix who have purchased the Nios Linux
 Development Kit (NLDK), also available from Microtronix.  The NLDK includes a
 full port of Linux to the Nios processor, a C-Library, three hardware modules,
 and over seventy ported applications.  It is available for $2495 through
 Microtronix directly, or any Altera sales representative.
     "No other operating system can do this, and no one in the Linux
 environment is doing this," said Robert Brookes, Manager of Business
 Development.  "Customers may want to use embedded Linux in their final
 product, or they may simply want to take advantage of how easy it is to use
 Linux for proof-of-concept applications, because of its ease of use with SOPC
 Builder.  We think that this will substantially decrease development time and
 frustration for engineers."
     Microtronix has several products available for developers using the Altera
 Excalibur(TM) embedded processor solutions, including an LCD Touch Display
 Kit, a Nios 2.0 On-Chip-Debug Solutions Kit, and an Excalibur EPXA10
 Development Board Multiprocessing Kit.
     For more information, please visit http://www.microtronix.com.
     About Microtronix
     Microtronix is an embedded hardware and software engineering company that
 provides products and services around programmable logic, intellectual
 property, embedded operating systems and development tools.  Established in
 1977, Microtronix enables clients to achieve aggressive development goals by
 providing integrated hardware and software support.  Microtronix is located in
 London, Ontario, Canada.
     "Altera" is a registered trademark of Altera Corp.  "Linux" is a
 registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.  "Nios" and "Excalibur" are trademarks
 of Altera Corp.  "ARM" and "ARM922T" are registered trademarks of ARM Holdings
 Inc.  "ARMXA10" is a trademark of Altera Corp.  All other trademarks are the
 property of their respective holders.
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SOURCE Microtronix