midomi.com Launches Music Social Network With Next Generation Voice Search Technology

Sing to Search with MARS - the World's First Search Engine to Match Human

Voice to Human Voice

Jan 26, 2007, 00:00 ET from Melodis Corporation

    SUNNYVALE, Calif., Jan. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Melodis Corporation, a
 leader in the development of search and sound recognition technologies,
 announced the launch of MARS Search, which allows users to search for music
 by singing, whistling or humming a few bars of a song to identify the
 track. This proprietary Multimodal Adaptive Recognition System (MARS)
 Search will be showcased on www.midomi.com , a free online community for
 people who love music. midomi.com aims to create the world's most
 comprehensive database of searchable music based on user contribution.
     "With midomi.com we have created one of the most entertaining search
 engines on the web," said Keyvan Mohajer, CEO, Melodis Corporation. "Users
 of midomi.com will be able to both search our extensive database as well as
 help grow it; when a user tags (sings and saves) their favorite songs, the
 submissions immediately become part of the searchable MARS universe."
     The unique MARS Search is the world's most scalable voice-activated
 music search technology because it extracts a variety of features from the
 tune including speech, pitch, tempo, and even the location of pauses. MARS
 Search analyzes each element independently and adapts to the stronger
 components. For instance, MARS Search takes speech content into account if
 the user sings the lyrics and ignores speech content if the user hums or
 whistles the song. With its next generation search tools, MARS Search is
 the first search engine that can match human voice to human voice by
 analyzing these multiple features.
     "We are very excited to introduce this new technology into the market.
 It fills a necessary search void while allowing users to listen to
 thousands of songs," said Keyvan Mohajer. "MARS Search is the next step in
 adaptive sound recognition technology and provides an easier way to find
 the music you love. MARS Search will continue to grow in scale and
 capabilities with future applications."
     midomi.com is the ultimate online music community. At midomi.com users
 can create their own profile, sing their favorite songs, share them and get
 discovered by other midomi users, all while contributing to the world's
 greatest music database. The networking features on midomi.com provide a
 system to rate the performances of other users, view their photos, and send
 them messages. midomi.com also offers users the opportunity to buy original
 music, concert tickets and more.
     Currently there is no competition for MARS Search and there are many
 possible business applications as the technology is ideal for mobile
 phones, online music stores, car and home audio systems, and any other
 device that consumers may use to enjoy music. MARS Search has also been
 applied to text-based search which provides an advanced adaptive system
 that works around potential user errors like misspelling and mistyping.
     About Melodis
     Incorporated in September 2005, Melodis Corporation is building the
 next generation of search and sound recognition technologies that are
 "Breaking the Silence" in human-computer interaction. These technologies
 have a variety of applications on the Internet, on mobile devices and in
 other areas. To date, Melodis' technologies have been applied to music
 search, text search and speech recognition, and additional applications are
 currently under development. Melodis has an established base of partners
 and is licensed to sell a catalog of approximately 2 million digital
 tracks. The Melodis management team is comprised almost entirely of
 graduates from Stanford University.
     With the launch of its new online community, www.midomi.com , Melodis
 has combined the world's most powerful search technologies with proven
 online models including social networking, user generated content and
 digital content distribution, and is moving forward with its mission to
 build the world's most comprehensive database of searchable music.

SOURCE Melodis Corporation