'Milky Way' is the First Volkswagen Ad to Launch on Web Sneak Preview on the Internet Prior to National Broadcast

Nov 11, 1999, 00:00 ET from Volkswagen of America, Inc.

    AUBURN HILLS, Mich., Nov. 11 /PRNewswire/ -- In an unprecedented move,
 Volkswagen of America, Inc. will debut its newest television advertisement on
 the Internet starting Monday, November 15.  Volkswagen's website is
 www.vw.com . This marks the first time Volkswagen has launched a television ad
 on the Web.  The campaign, dubbed "Milky Way," features the 2000 Volkswagen
 Cabrio, America's best-selling, European-designed convertible.
     "We're launching on the Internet primarily because we wanted to try
 something new.  We hope it will create a fun and exciting buzz about the ad
 before it hits the airwaves.  We know from our electronic dialogue with
 customers that there is a significant website audience who really connect with
 our advertising and the music we use in our ads.  This is an easy way to give
 this group a special preview," said Liz Vanzura, Volkswagen's Director of
 Marketing/Advertising.  "This spot also lends itself to the Web
 because it is completely visual, with no dialogue and another great piece of
 music that captures the emotion of the spot perfectly.  It's one of those
 songs that can bring you into a very specific mood very quickly and keep you
 there for a long, long time."
     Volkswagen will alert over 250,000 consumers to the website by sending an
 email directing them to log onto the Volkswagen website on November 15 to view
 the commercial.  Consumers will also be directed to the site by a full page ad
 running in USA Today on Monday, November, 15.  The emails will be sent to
 Volkswagen leasees, recipients of VW's eNewsletter, and those who have
 requested information from vw.com.  The email will also contain Apple's
 QuickTime video software, allowing users to enable their computers to download
 the spot.  Additionally, those who visit the site will be able to link
 directly to Amazon.com to purchase "Pink Moon" by Nick Drake, the original
 music used in the new ad.
     "The song is very special," said Ron Lawner, Arnold Communications Chief
 Creative Officer.  "It's an old song by a guy named Nick Drake.  It's called
 Pink Moon and is actually a very good introduction to Nick Drake if you're not
 familiar with him.  It's very transporting.  And to us seemed very fitting for
 a beautiful drive in the country on a very special night."
     The ad focuses on a group of friends out for a moonlit drive, listening to
 a great song in their Cabrio.  When they reach their destination they realize
 they have been having more fun just driving around under the stars.  They
 decide to turn around and go back.
     "The whole thing started when we were talking about how great it is to
 drive around in a convertible at night," said Lawner.  "You always see
 commercials with people driving around in the sun, going to the beach and it's
 all fun and bright and everything, but we were talking about how, for us, it's
 so much more powerful when you can look up at the stars while you're driving
 somewhere great and just be awestruck at the beauty of it all, and for a few
 brief minutes just feel small.  That's the magic.  That's what the Cabrio is
     The national broadcast campaign will be launched on Monday, November 22,
 and will run on high profile shows like Spin City, Just Shoot Me, 20/20,
 Frasier and the Practice, as well as cable stations including ESPN, Fox Sports
 Net, MTV and Comedy Central.
     Founded in 1955, Volkswagen of America, Inc., is headquartered in Auburn
 Hills, Mich., and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Volkswagen AG, which is the
 fourth largest producer of passenger cars in the world.  It markets a full
 line of Volkswagen and Audi vehicles through a network of about 600 Volkswagen
 and 260 Audi dealers.  In the United States, Volkswagen has sold more than
 10.6 million cars and is the top-selling European importer.  Volkswagen of
 America imports cars from company plants in Germany and Mexico through port
 operations in San Diego, Calif., Boston, Mass., Wilmington, Del., Brunswick,
 Ga., and Houston, Texas.

SOURCE Volkswagen of America, Inc.