Miller Lite Survey Finds that Houston Smells Like Barbecue

Houston Residents Vote for City's Signature Scent

Jul 02, 1998, 01:00 ET from Miller Lite

    MILWAUKEE, July 2 /PRNewswire/ -- In celebration of Independence Day and
 the many tastes Houstonians will be enjoying at this weekend's festival at Sam
 Houston Park, Miller Lite has taken the opportunity to pay homage to the
 scents of Houston as well.  According to a "scent-illating" Miller Lite survey
 of more than two hundred Houstonians (21 and older), the smoky aroma of
 mesquite grilled barbecue is the smell that best defines Houston.
    The survey was conducted in support of the Miller Lite Scratch 'n Sniff
 summer promotion.  Seventeen scratch 'n sniff winning scents will be affixed
 to plastic lids on top of Miller Lite beer cans.  Beer drinkers who get a
 scratch 'n sniff can in their packs of Miller Lite will know instantly if
 they've won, just by smelling the sticker under the plastic lid.  For example,
 if you scratch your can and smell suntan oil, you win a trip to a Sports
 Illustrated Swimsuit Issue photo shoot or if you smell burnt rubber, you will
 get to hang out with Rusty Wallace's pit crew at a car race.
     Behind barbecue, which was chosen by 44% of those surveyed, the scents of
 the Port of Houston Authority, more commonly known as "the ship channel" (38%)
 and chili peppers (13%) ranked second and third as trademark Houston aromas.
     Freshly-cut grass was voted the smell that reminded people most of summer
 with a landslide 49%, while suntan oil (26%) and grilling beef (18%) earned
 runner-up honors.
     "Scents can make us very nostalgic, bringing us back to very specific
 times and places," said Dr. Alan Hirsch, founder of the Smell & Taste
 Treatment and Research Foundation and Miller Lite Scratch 'n Sniff
 spokesperson.  "Apparently, the smell of 'the ship channel' reminds quite a
 few people of Houston."
     Miller Lite also explored the scents of love and romance as well.  The
 scent most Houstonians found to be the biggest turn-off was bad body odor,
 claiming 44% of the votes.  Other aromatic turn-offs included bad breath
 (30%), heavy cologne/perfume (13%) and musty sheets (7%).
     For those who want to set a romantic scene, try wearing cologne or perfume
 and have cookies baking in the kitchen.  The survey found that the top-tiered
 turn-ons were cologne/perfume (37%), baking cookies (32%), suntan oil (15%)
 and leather (10%).
     The Miller Lite Scratch 'n Sniff summer promotion marks the first time
 scratch and sniff technology has been used on such a large scale in the
 beverage industry.  The Fourth of July kicks off the second wave of prize
     Miller Brewing is a wholly owned subsidiary of Philip Morris Companies
 Inc.  Principal beer brands include Miller Lite, Miller Genuine Draft, Miller
 High Life, Miller Beer, Lowenbrau, Meister Brau and Milwaukee's Best.  Primary
 products from Plank Road Brewery, a small division of Miller, include ICEHOUSE
 and Red Dog.  Miller also brews Sharp's, a non-alcohol beer.

SOURCE Miller Lite