Mindjet(R) and Salesforce.com(R) Announce MindManager(R) Accelerator at DEMO@15!

Productivity Solution Shortens Sales Cycles, Increases Close Rates

Feb 14, 2005, 00:00 ET from Mindjet

    SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Feb. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Mindjet(R), the leading
 provider of software for visualizing and managing information, and
 Salesforce.com(R) (NYSE:   CRM), the technology and market leader in on-demand
 customer relationship management (CRM), today announced the introduction of
 MindManager(R) Accelerator for Salesforce.com at DEMO@15! in Scottsdale, Ariz.
     Tightly integrated with Salesforce.com via the sforce on-demand platform
 and immediately available to Salesforce.com customers, MindManager Accelerator
 complements Salesforce.com by improving the productivity of sales teams. The
 Accelerator adds to the recognized value of an organization's CRM system, and
 offers teams a fast and easy way to enter and analyze customer information and
 to communicate account status with other team members, sales management and
     "Salesforce.com pioneered a way for sales professionals to access CRM
 information anytime, anywhere. Now Mindjet has developed a way to enhance that
 offering," said Mary Wardley, IDC vice president, enterprise applications and
 CRM software. "With the release of MindManager Accelerator, Mindjet has
 created an intelligent layer called a 'map dashboard' that sits above
 Salesforce.com. This visual layer makes the information immediately editable,
 adds clarity and analytics, and helps sales teams leverage their customer data
 in a new visual dimension."
     MindManager Accelerator complements Salesforce.com by extracting
 information from the Salesforce.com database and presenting it as an
 interactive map dashboard. The map allows sales professionals to quickly
 organize complex information into a single view. The visual, interactive
 nature of the map transforms the way sales teams manage their accounts. And it
 improves the ability to communicate pipeline status and closure strategies to
 sales management and executives.
     With more than 13,300 customers and 214,000 subscribers of all sizes,
 geographies and industries as of Dec. 31, 2004, Salesforce.com is the world's
 most widely used on-demand CRM. Now in its 17th generation, Salesforce.com
 offers its customers the most mature on-demand offering, one that includes
 powerful integration capabilities via the sforce platform, customization tools
 through Customforce.com and complete globalization with 11 languages.
     A variety of systems and platforms, including enterprise applications,
 desktop solutions, mobile devices and IP phone systems, integrate with
 Salesforce.com and Supportforce.com via the sforce Web service API. These
 integrations make key business information available to users from all of
 their favorite applications and tools.
     Since its launch in June 2003, the sforce Web service API has grown to
 represent 20 percent of Salesforce.com traffic. This translates to millions of
 requests each day coming from integrated desktop and enterprise applications,
 rather than from a Web browser alone. Combined with the more than 5,000 sforce
 developers, this activity demonstrates the importance and popularity of sforce
 solutions for thousands of Salesforce.com's customers.
     "Mindjet and Salesforce.com share a similar mission -- to help customers
 succeed by providing them with easier and more effective access to critical
 information," said Salesforce.com Chairman and CEO Marc Benioff. "We are
 pleased to have Mindjet as an sforce partner to provide an innovative solution
 like the MindManager Accelerator which extends the value of Salesforce.com to
 our customers."
     "Mindjet has partnered with salesforce.com to create an innovative sales
 productivity and collaboration tool for Salesforce.com customers," says Bob
 Gordon, CEO, Mindjet. "MindManager Accelerator for Salesforce.com is an
 easy-to-use, highly effective sales productivity tool. Accelerator leverages
 the proven benefits of Mindjet's flagship product MindManager X5 Pro and
 integrates with the leader in on-demand CRM solutions. We look forward to a
 mutually beneficial partnership."
     The sforce on demand platform allows solution developers to customize,
 integrate and extend salesforce.com to create sophisticated custom CRM
 solutions. In contrast to traditional packaged software, sforce allows
 developers to use the tools they already know and love from IBM, BEA, Borland,
 and Microsoft, and open source solutions like Perl and PHP, to build CRM
 integrations and applications with record speed and success. Leveraging
 standards and technologies from the Service Oriented Architectures (SOA),
 sforce continues to demonstrate how the on demand platforms are a central part
 of the new enterprise IT strategies. Free access to the sforce community, as
 well as more information on the sforce Developer Program, is available at
     About Mindjet
     Mindjet, the leading provider of software for visualizing and managing
 information, creates applications for business teams to think together, plan
 together, and work together. Mindjet's innovative visual mapping tools improve
 business productivity by working the way people think. MindManager, the
 award-winning flagship product with more than 500,000 licenses sold worldwide,
 is productivity software designed for business professionals from the majority
 of Global 2000 companies. With headquarters in California and operations
 throughout the world, Mindjet is backed by 3i, a leading international venture
 capital firm. More information is available by calling toll-free 1-877-MINDJET
 or by visiting http://www.mindjet.com.
     About Salesforce.com
     Salesforce.com is the market and technology leader in on-demand customer
 relationship management (CRM). Through its award-winning salesforce.com family
 of products including Salesforce.com (http://www.salesforce.com) and
 Supportforce.com (http://www.supportforce.com), the company provides a
 comprehensive suite of CRM applications to help enterprises of all sizes,
 industries and geographies meet the complex challenge of sharing and managing
 information on-demand. Salesforce.com and Supportforce.com are built on the
 sforce client/service integration platform and include the Customforce.com
 tool for complete on-demand customization.  Sforce (http://www.sforce.com) and
 Customforce.com (http://www.customforce.com) allow customers and independent
 software vendors to customize and integrate Salesforce.com's products, as well
 as build their own on-demand enterprise applications.
     As of December 31, 2004, Salesforce.com manages customer information for
 approximately 13,300 customers and approximately 214,000 paying subscribers
 including Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), America Online (AOL), Automatic Data
 Processing (ADP), Avis/Budget Rent A Car (Cendant Rental Car Group), Dow Jones
 Newswires, Nokia, Polycom and SunTrust Banks. Salesforce.com has headquarters
 in San Francisco, with offices in Europe and Asia, and trades on the New York
 Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol "CRM." For more information please
 visit http://www.salesforce.com, or call 1-800-NO-SOFTWARE.
     Mindjet PR Contact at DEMO
      Elizabeth Yekhtikian
      617-686-9541 (Mobile)
     Mindjet PR Contact at Blanc & Otus       Salesforce.com PR Contact
      Thomas Bain                              Jane Hynes
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