Miniaturization of Components Necessitates Use of High Precision Non-Contact Measurement Equipment

Aug 24, 2005, 01:00 ET from Frost & Sullivan

    PALO ALTO, Calif., Aug. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Following the trend toward
 miniaturization, manufactured components across end-user industries such as
 electronics, automotive and other industrial applications are becoming smaller
 in size.  This has led to tighter dimensional tolerance specifications and the
 need for non-contact measurement equipment manufacturers to follow suit in
 incorporating greater precision and accuracy into their products.
     While there has been consistent progress toward developing advanced
 systems that are capable of handling nano meters and angstrom level
 measurements, offering higher specification measurement equipment at
 competitive prices remains a major challenge for participants in the world
 non-contact measurement equipment market.
     New analysis from Frost & Sullivan
 ( ), World Non-contact Measurement
 Equipment Markets, reveals that revenues in this market totaled
 $257.65 million in 2004 and projects to reach $409.06 million by 2011.
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     With industrial, electronics and automotive manufacturers expanding their
 operations to different countries, it is becoming increasingly necessary for
 non-contact measurement equipment manufacturers to maintain a global focus.
 The Asia Pacific region is emerging as a hub for manufacturing activities and
 since measurement equipment vendors cater to end-user groups with a global
 presence, there is an evident need to similarly adapt their market approach.
     "The vibrant medical devices and electronics and communications industries
 along with other industrial end-user groups are expected to drive growth in
 the worldwide non-contact measurement equipment market, not only in terms of
 revenues but also in terms of innovation and product development," explains
 Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Madhan Dhandayutham.  "Also, the aerospace
 and defense sector, albeit being a small end-user group, is expected to
 continue its contribution toward the growth of this market."
     However, misinformation regarding the plug-and-play type measuring
 machines could adversely impact the vision measuring machines market.  These
 video-based systems typically cost between $30,000 and $50,000 and in order to
 make them more cost effective, certain manufacturers are offering simple plug-
 and-play systems that allow the customer to install the hardware and software
 into his own personal computer (PC), thereby saving cost.
     This is creating an impression among end-users that vision products are
 available at very low prices and it is essential that vendors of the plug-and-
 play vision systems advertise their products more effectively by detailing the
 accessories provided.
     Further, vision measurement system operators lack sufficient knowledge
 about the interface between mechanical and optical aspects of measurement,
 thereby increasing the probability of consequential errors in the
 manufacturing environment.  This has raised serious concerns among end-users
 and has heightened the need for imparting greater training to operators.
     The global economic slowdown witnessed in 2001 and 2002 had resulted in a
 decline in the world non-contact measurement equipment market, leading to very
 low growth rates in 2002.  However, with steady consolidation through 2004,
 the industry seems to have recovered from these adverse effects and promises
 steady growth.
     "The Asia Pacific markets are driving demand and countries such as China
 and India are showing a healthy demand for most non-contact measurement
 equipment," says Madhan.  "Identification and collaboration with leading end-
 user industries and aligning the research and development (R&D) and
 manufacturing focus to keep pace with technological developments may help
 ensure success in this market."
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