Minority Business School Professors Having an Overwhelming Impact on Employment and Internship Decisions of Minority and Non-Minority Students, Surveys Reveal

Apr 03, 2007, 01:00 ET from The PhD Project

    MONTVALE, N.J., April 3 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- A survey of
 undergraduate and graduate students at U.S. colleges and universities
 reveals that minority professors are having an astonishing impact on the
 career decisions of both minority and non-minority students. When asked,
 83% of respondents said minority professors are positively impacting
 minority students' employment or internship decisions. Almost 70% of
 respondents believe that they are impacting non-minority students'
 employment or internship decisions, as well.
     The survey was conducted by the Bernard Hodes Group on behalf of The
 PhD Project, a multi-million dollar corporate and academic-led effort to
 increase minority representation among business professors. Since The PhD
 Project was founded in 1994, the number of minority professors at U.S.
 business schools has nearly tripled, from 294 to 842 minority business
 professors. Further, 384 minorities are currently enrolled in doctoral
 programs, and will take a place at the front of the classroom in the next
 few years.
     The PhD Project surveyed undergraduate and graduate students taking
 classes from minority professors and/or minority doctoral students to gauge
 the impact those instructors are having on minority and non-minority
 students' education.
     "The PhD Project's goal is to diversify the front of the classroom as a
 means to better prepare students for a diverse work environment," says
 Bernard J. Milano, President of The PhD Project. "It is reassuring to know
 students feel minority professors and doctoral students are impacting
 positively on their career decisions and education. We are succeeding in
 our mission."
     Other results from the student survey include:
     -- 76% of ALL respondents feel that students will be better prepared to
        work in a diverse business environment as a result of their having had
        a minority professor.
     -- 92% of ALL respondents believe that minority professors are positively
        impacting the education of minority students
     -- 87% of ALL respondents believe minority professors are positively
        impacting the education of non-minority students.
     The 679 respondents to the student survey are currently enrolled in at
 least one course taught by a minority professor or doctoral student
 (African- American, Hispanic-American or Native American). Among the
 respondents, 44% are Caucasian, 32% are African-American, 10% are Hispanic
 or Latino with the remaining 14% consisting of Asian-Americans, Native
 Americans or "other".
     Some of America's top companies and academic organizations support The
 PhD Project. They are: KPMG Foundation, Graduate Management Admission
 Council, 179
     Participating Universities, Citigroup Foundation, AACSB International,
 AICPA, Robert K. Elliott, Goldman, Sachs & Co., Hewlett-Packard Company,
 The Merck Company Foundation, DiversityInc.
     For a copy of the full survey reports, or to learn more about The PhD
 Project, please visit: www.phdproject.com.
     Contact: Ned Steele
              646-234-5070, or

SOURCE The PhD Project