Miracle Sacred Images Just Keep Coming

Mar 21, 2008, 01:00 ET from FAMILY CHRISTIAN CATHEDRAL

    INGLEWOOD, Calif., March 21 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Senior Pastor
 Jynona Norwood of the Family Christian Cathedral in Inglewood, CA will
 preside over a joyous celebration to give thanks for the blessings that
 just keep coming. The pastor will commemorate the one-year anniversary of
 the sacred images that have been mysteriously appearing on the walls of her
 sanctuary since March 16, 2007.
     The sacred images first appeared three weeks before Easter last year.
 And they just keep coming. As word spread concerning the divine impressions
 on the sanctuary walls, thousands, including pastors, politicians,
 community and religious leaders, began flocking to the church to witness
 the phenomenal experience of The Miracle Wall for themselves. Since
 Christmas 2007 new images have appeared!
     The sacred images are diverse and among the images that have appeared
 are: the face of a suffering Savior reflecting the agony of the crucifixion
 of Jesus on the Cross, a large image of the Virgin Mary shrouded in a black
 head-covering and shawl draped around her mouth; Jesus wearing a hood
 symbolizing the role of priest that was standard in the 1st century, Noah's
 ark, and a likeness consistent with the image contained in the Shroud of
 Turin with the clear number 33. Images have appeared in the Sanctuary
 pulpit chair and in other rooms in the church.
     Norwood, who has been a minister and pastor for more than 30 years, is
 humbled by the experience of such a magnificent event. The sons of
 legendary singer/songwriter Ray Charles, Ray Charles Robinson, Jr. and Rev.
 Robert Robinson Sr. said that this experience has changed their lives and
 strengthened their faith. Della B. Robinson, the late Ray Charles' wife and
 recording artist echoed similar statements that, "This experience lets you
 know that God is real."
     Sharing in the Miracle of Easter celebration with Dr. Jynona Norwood
 Sr. will be Dr. Barbara A. Reynolds, a founding editor of USA TODAY
 Newspaper and professor at Howard University School of Divinity. The new
 images will be shown and gospel groups will be singing at 2 PM till 3 PM,
 Sunday March 23, 2008. Free refreshments. All are welcome. Family Christian
 Cathedral is located at 645 W. Arbor Vitae St., Inglewood, CA. 310.419.3930
 or visit http://www.themiraclewall.org.