Mirus, Linspire and AOpen Introduce $399 Mini Linux PC

'Mini Koobox' Linux Desktop Comes Pre-Installed With Full Office Suite and

Multimedia Software

Jun 28, 2006, 01:00 ET from Linspire, Inc.

    SAN DIEGO, June 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Linspire, Inc., developers of the
 leading consumer desktop Linux operating system, along with AOpen and Mirus
 Innovations, today announced the availability of the Linspire Mini Koobox,
 the first small form-factor Linux machine on the market. Starting at just
 $399 after $100 mail-in rebate, the Mini Koobox is based on an Intel
 platform built by AOpen and comes with the easy-to-use Linspire Linux
 operating system, which includes full Microsoft file-compatible office
 suite, DVD player and DVD-playing software, music and photo management
 software, Internet applications, e-mail and instant messaging capabilities.
 The Linspire Mini Koobox is now being sold online through Mirus Innovations
 as part of its Koobox line of desktop computers. For more information about
 the Mini Koobox, visit www.koobox.com.
     "As the prices of desktop computers continues to drop, consumers are
 starting to bring multiple computers into their homes," said Kevin Carmony,
 president and CEO of Linspire, Inc. "However, low cost isn't the only
 consideration. As you add more computers to more rooms, space and
 aesthetics also start to become factors. Buying a low-priced Linux machine
 usually means you'll have to sacrifice on style and select from a limited
 supply. We developed the Mini Koobox with Mirus and AOpen because we know
 there is high consumer demand for ultra-compact home computers that not
 only look great and perform well, but also don't cost a fortune."
     Measuring in at just 6.5 x 6.5 x 2 inches and 3.0 lbs., the basic
 configuration boasts a brushed matte-platinum case with clear blue plastic
 accents, slot-in slim CDRW/DVD combo drive with DVD-playing software,
 integrated Ethernet card, and is based on the Intel 915 chipset. To add to
 the streamlined aesthetic, ports are located in the back of the unit,
 including two USB 2.0 ports, one IEEE 1394 port (Firewire), speaker-out,
 S-video, and mic. The Mini Koobox also has a DVI monitor connector and
 includes a DVI-to-VGA adapter so that it can be connected to plasma-display
 or large-format monitors. Inside, the machine checks in with 256 MB DDR2
 RAM, Intel Celeron M 370 1.5 Ghz processor, and a 40 GB hard drive.
     Upgraded versions of the Mini Koobox are also available, including a
 version priced $499 after mail-in rebate with Intel Celeron M 370
 processor, 512 MB RAM, 60 GB hard drive, and a CDRW/DVD combo drive. For
 $50 more, a third model priced at $549 after mail-in rebate includes an
 Intel Pentium M 725 1.6 Ghz processor. All Mini Koobox units come with a
 15-day free subscription to Linspire's CNR software download service, plus
 keyboard, mouse and speakers. These Koobox models are aggressively priced,
 considering the Mac Mini starts at $599 for a basic configuration that does
 not include a keyboard, mouse, or speakers. Complete system specifications
 and a comparison chart on Mini Koobox options are available at
     The Mini Koobox features the stable and secure Linux-based operating
 system from Linspire, which comes complete with major desktop applications,
 including OpenOffice.org (a Microsoft file-compatible office suite); Web
 browser, e-mail and instant messaging clients; multimedia viewers; photo
 and music managers; calendaring tools; and more. Access to additional
 software and applications is available through Linspire's innovative CNR
 ("click and run") Warehouse, a software library where users can download
 and install thousands of Linux and open source programs. For more
 information about Linspire, visit www.linspire.com.
     "Right out of the box, you can use the Mini Koobox to do everything
 you've been doing on your existing Windows machine -- without buying extra
 software," Carmony added. "Average home computer users don't need to spend
 thousands on a fancy computer just to browse the Internet, send email,
 share photos or do basic office functions. The Mini Koobox is the perfect
 second, third or fourth computer for your home, apartment or dorm."
     In addition, consumers who are interested in switching to Linspire
 Linux from a Windows system can take advantage of several tools to make the
 transition, including software such as Win4Lin and Crossover Office, which
 allow key Windows software to run under Linspire Linux, and a desktop
 migration tool called Versora that allows easy transfer of files,
 bookmarks, and programs from Windows to Linspire. Win4Lin, Crossover Office
 and Versora are all available for Linspire users through the CNR Warehouse
     The Linspire Mini Koobox, like other Koobox computers sold by Mirus,
 includes a 90-day warranty, but for only $29 consumers can purchase an
 optional premium warranty with toll-free support and replacement parts.
 Other expanded warranty options are available as well, including on-site
 technical support. For warranty details, see www.koobox.com.
     Koobox computers are built by AOpen, manufactured and shipped directly
 by Mirus, fully certified by Linspire and tested by quality of standards
 that are ISO 9001 certified and 100 percent compliant with industry
     Pricing and Availability
     The Linspire Mini Koobox is now available through Mirus as part of
 their Koobox line of desktop computers. The basic version is $399 after
 $100 manufacturer's mail-in rebate, and upgraded versions with enhanced
 memory and hard drive capacities are available starting at $499. Details on
 all available specifications and information for system builders who are
 interested in selling the Linspire Mini Koobox are available at
     About Linspire, Inc.
     Linspire, Inc. (www.linspire.com) was founded in 2001 to bring choice
 into the operating system market. The company's flagship product, the
 Linspire operating system, is an affordable, easy-to-use Linux-based
 operating system for home, school, and business users. Linspire pioneered
 CNR ("click and run") Technology, which allows Linspire users access to
 thousands of software programs, each of which can be downloaded and
 installed with just one mouse click. The thousands of software titles
 available in the CNR Warehouse (www.linspire.com/cnr) include full office
 and productivity suites, games, multimedia players, photo management
 software, accounting tools, and more.
     About Mirus Innovations
     Mirus Innovations, a value-added manufacturer of computer products,
 strives to bring innovative digital lifestyle experiences to end users. Its
 products for consumers and small businesses include high-value, low-cost
 personal and mobile computing solutions, as well as On-Site and Life-Time
 Tech Support options. Its products are installed in hundreds of thousands
 of households and small businesses throughout North America.
     About AOpen
     Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, with AOpen America's headquarters in
 San Jose, California, AOpen Inc. is the world's largest total PC component
 solutions manufacturer and a member of an $18-billion technology group.
 Leveraging more than 28 years of technology manufacturing experience and
 more than 1,000 Group patents, AOpen designs, manufactures and markets
 high-quality, state-of-the-art motherboards; housings; small-form-factor
 bare systems; VGA cards; white-box notebooks; optical drives; multimedia
 headsets and headphones; multimedia and network solutions; as well as
 numerous other PC component products sold through VARs to institutional,
 corporate, education and government customers, and via retailers to small
 business and end-user customers.
     For more information, please contact:
     Aurelia Negrerie
     Linspire, Inc.
     858-587-6700 x283
     858-587-8095 Fax
     Linspire, Koobox, CNR, and CNR Warehouse are trademarks of Linspire,
 Inc. All other marks herein are property of their respective owners.
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