MIT Research and Development Conference, October 25-26, Presents Wide Spectrum Of Tech Innovation, Potential Breakthroughs

Sep 14, 2006, 01:00 ET from MIT Industrial Liaison Program

    CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Sept. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Technologists and senior
 business managers will make their annual trek to MIT next month for the
 October 25th and 26th Research and Development Conference, where MIT
 faculty will present some of the most exciting and notable research
 currently emanating from academia. The two-day conference presents a wide
 spectrum of basic research activities and potential breakthroughs by MIT
 faculty in such fields as communications, nanotechnology, energy,
 micro-technology, and brain/cognitive/bio sciences.
     On day one inventor Ray Kurzweil, dubbed the "restless genius" by the
 Wall Street Journal, will talk about the rapid acceleration of technology
 in the 21st century, and its impact on business, the economy and society.
 Good things are on the way according to Kurzweil, who forecasts affordable
 human- level computers by 2020, and the software of human intelligence by
     The path from here to there will no doubt be influenced by the MIT
 Media Lab, which has taken a leading role in shaping today's digital
 lifestyle for more than two decades. Frank Moss, the Lab's new director,
 concurs with Kurzweil's optimism, and in his talk, "The Best is Yet to
 Come: Seeds for Tomorrow's Innovation," Moss will discuss the Media Lab's
 ongoing quest to enhance human capability through technology.
     In addition to hearing from technology visionaries during the general
 sessions, conference attendees will have the opportunity to drill down into
 the dazzling details of specific MIT research. Seven concurrent technology
 tracks will be offered, including: communications technology, carbon
 nanotubes, pushing the limits of detection, energy: simulation and
 modeling, portable power, brain/cognitive/bioscience, and microtechnolgy.
     The Research and Development Conference is part of the MIT Industrial
 Liaison Program's Technology and the Corporation conference series. More
 information on the conference, including complete agenda and abstracts, can
 be found at
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